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Entrance post: In the Council Room..

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  • Entrance post: In the Council Room..

    ((I'm new to this I do something wrong or say something stupid..sorry. This is my entrance

    A medium-height woman stood in the back of the room, listening. Her cloak moved slowly as shifted her weight, impatiently, and felt like walking out.

    I want to transport is ready and waiting to leave this room. This place always gives me the creeps for some odd reason...why am I an ally to these people again? Oh yeah..because of my

    She was pretty, and looked like she was in her early 20's. But, she was known as a good bounty hunter and a sort-of jack-of-all-trades..she could do almost anything-for a price.

    She flicked her lavendar hair back, thought: I need a crew to my ship; it's getting lonely all by myself..Well, at least I'll get some money for the guy I just caught..

    Earlier, Kano had snagged a criminal who stole something from a Sith. ((Please work with me on this..I'm trying to make this sound interesting..))

    Soon, her waiting paid off, and she was able to give the criminal over to the Sith Lords..

    "I request permission to leave this building as soon as possible." She asked the Sith nearest to her. She wanted to get away from that room as soon as possible.

    ((Anyone feel free to reply..How'd I do? I hope it was OK..))

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    **Marajin stands idly near a wall of the council room. He nods his greeting to this strange lady.**


    OOC~ I'd offer help, but I'm resonably new myself.. :-P just blundering my way through at the moment


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      **Sumor sat in one of the seven chairs at the front of the room looking over the nervous visitor.**

      I am Lord Rayial, member of the council of the Sith Empire. If you wish to leave, why did you come?

      OOC: So far nothing wrong that I see, keep going and lets see where this goes.


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        She nodded back to Marajin in greeting, then turned to the Sith Lord.

        "I'm returning this criminal and awaiting the reward. That's all," she said to the Lord, bringing her hand out that held a chain, which led to a man tied in the same chain, unconscious, behind her. "Also, I'm here to offer my services as an ally to the Sith Empire, so if in need of my services, you could call and I would come to help."

        As she said this, she dragged the criminal over and handed the chain to the Sumor.


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          **Sumor took the chain and looked at the man, off the top of his head the man did not look familiar.**

          The Empire has many enemies, this man is just one of many. Perhaps you can tell us who exactly you have returned to face the conciquences of his actions.


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            ((ooc: I don't know that..;_; Please work with me here....TT))

            "I saw his picture in the wanted list, and the reason given for why he was wanted was because he stole something from one of the Sith Lords. I took up the offer because it said it had good pay. So, here I am. And again I also say I want to become an ally of the Sith Empire." she said calmly, folding her arms and standing there, awaiting response.


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              The Empire does not use bounty hunters. Sith prefer to hunt down and kill those that oppose them themselves. Tell me why we should take you as an Ally? What do you offer that one my fellow Sith could not do?


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                <font color="fuchsia">

                "Don't treat me as if I'm just a bounty hunter. I only do that as a side job. My race is very powerful, but I don't know how they would compare to Sith strength. If you do not want me as an ally, fine. Reconsider the offer. I obviously won't get anything out of this wanted man, so I'll leave him with you. Good day, milord," she said, and walked swiftly out, cloak billowing out from behind her.

                She headed for the docking bay, where her transport was.

                ((OOC: What do I do now?! Isn't there like a city somewhere I can go to...?(sad I know..) Oh, and isn't the font color kewl?? XP))


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                  OOC: I would suggest that you go <a href=>here</a> it is a database of information that is relivant to our RP. It will give you a list of the groups you can go to next to along with FAQ's about this particular RPG.


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                    ((ooc: thanks))


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                      **smiles to himself and watches this prisoner and the one who brought him**

                      "Well, well, well" **He muttered**


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                        ((ooc: If anyone wants to know I'm 'at' (kind-of in a small way..since it's only one [email protected]@') Rama's Corner. Kay? Kay.))


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                          (Kay )