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  • Darth Sipharus ...

    ... Dalethria sat waiting for her Apprentice who had recently been on a leave of absence.

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    [i]He steps into the room, where the ruling of so much is deliberated, and thought out thoroughly. He sees his master and kneels before her, bowing his head in the process.

    He says as his head remains in its bowed form...

    [b]"You sent for me, Master."


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      Her eyes lowered to look upon her Apprentice. This one was away for quite some time, "Yes. Rise and tell me how you spent your time away from the Empire, Sipharus."


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        [i]He stands up and keeps his head semi-lowered in his masters presence, but raises his head to explain his long absence...

        "My not being here, Master, was of a personal ordeal with myself. I was searching for my families murderers. I saught the jedi, but did not find them....."

        He sighed lightly as he looks towards his master.


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          "The road of revenge is often a long one. Keep up the desire and you will have it. I wish you luck in finding them ... Warrior Sipharus."

          She waited with a smile on her lips, wondering if her Apprentice understood what just happened.


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            [i]He raises his head quickly to look at his master, then bows it back down as he hears of his promotion. And he thinks of her words..A long road....<font color=crimson> He wonders if he will ever get revenge...soon...</font>

            Keeping his head bowed, and staying kneeled, he awaits his masters order to rise up.


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              "Rise, Darth Sipharus, and congratulations upon receiving your new rank."


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                Rising up he looks to his master

                "Thank you master, for believing me ready."


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                  She nodded, "If there is nothing else, then you are free to leave and perhaps celebrate your achievements if that's what you desire."


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                    He looks to her..."Yes Master, there is something. I would request training immediatly, if it is at your leisure."


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                      "If that is your wish."

                      She smiled lightly, "You've been gone for quite some time. How about a little competition with a fellow member of the Empire to loosen you up first."


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                        He cocks his head to the side, thinking. He would have rather train with his master, but if she suggests a spar, then it will be done....

                        "Yes, Master. That will do quite well"


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                          "Congratulations on your accomplishments." Ogre says to the newly appointed Warrior of the Empire.


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                            *Raine watched from the shadows of the council room and smiled wickedly upon hearing the promotion of the new Warrior.*

                            "Congratulations, Sipharus."


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                              "Congratulations, Sith Warrior Darth Sipharus."