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*Poreon and Snack enter the Council Room*

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  • *Poreon and Snack enter the Council Room*

    *The two had just returned from Garqi, which now rests in the hands of the Sith Empire. The mission itself was dull and bland, but the events which occured were all but that.

    Firstly, Snack's X-Wing was destroyed. He was able to steel one of the left around small frieghters which happened to be at the Arel Spaceport at the time. Also... and probably more importantly, Snack learned of the fight between his apprentice, Sith Warrior Poreon and the Jedi Knight he knew too well, Katarina Kariena.

    The two Sith walked in, and bowed to the respective council members and other members in attendence.*

    Esteemed Council of the Sith Empire. Before our successful mission to Garqi, I sent my apprentice to fight a Jedi of a rank Knight or Master. I kept my motives secrative to Poreon and to others, for I wanted to see how well he faired. And he did just how I thought he would do... He failed to claim a victory over her.

    *Snack glanced at Poreon and smirked just noticably as those who had gathered began talking amonst themselves at the word of "Defeat". Snack then spoke up to quiet the murmer.*

    My test for Poreon, however, was not if he could defeat a Jedi or not. It was a test to see if he could stand up and fight against his fear; which is of the Jedi and his fear of failure. And he did just that. He went up and fought against his fear... and he survived.

    *He took a deep breath and continued on.*

    While on Garqi, I asked him how he did, and when he showed me his stump of a hand, he hung his head in shame. I smiled and told him the purpose of his test and he quickly grew vengeful and angry. He procceeded to attack me, allowing the darkness to flow through his body. He fed off of his anger and hatred, and that made him strong. And he also was able to not allow his rage to block him from the task at hand. And that is what made our mission successful. (at least the missions we were on)

    He confronted and fought his fear, taking the first steps at controlling it. He was able to put the past behind him and fight on at Garqi, not letting his failure against the Jedi slow him down any.

    That is why I have promoted him to Sith Knight.

    *He turned to his apprentice, pride in his eyes.*

    You've earned it.

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    Unable to contain his happiness, Poreon let the widest smile in the Galaxy come across his face. Remembering that he was in the presence of the Council, Poreon subdued and bowed his head to first his master and then the council.

    "Thank you master. I will continue to serve the Empire to the best of my ability."


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      Dalethria nodded to Poreon, approval set in her eyes, "Mastering fear it is not an easy feat. It comes in all forms, real and imagined. Such a victory not only strengthens your resolve ... it will aid you when you're ready to take someone under you. Congratulations, Sith Knight Poreon."


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        Indeed. Congratulations.


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          :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to the newest Sith Knight of the Empire ::

          "Congratulations, Darth Poreon."


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            Congratulations, friend. Welcome to our ranks.


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              *Raine nodded*

              "Indeed. Congratulations, Poreon."