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    A shadowed figure approached from the landing pads, a shuttle steaming feverishly behind it. A few strands of hair obscured the traveler’s dark eyes, making it difficult to discern the winged man’s features. He stopped and allowed his presence to wander the area, keeping himself alert at all times. He could make out a few shady eyes watching from the shadows, other’s observing from across the grounds. Perceptive… The doors to the council room creaked loudly as they opened, allowing the visitor’s shadow to spill out across the ground before him. He looked back and forth, careful not to walk into an unpleasant situation.

    I seek Trace Sha…

    He didn’t have a great interest in being greeted formally. The past was ridden with hostilities between himself and many of those who might be present, but pursuit of those transgressions was to be left for some other day. He wished to get this over with as quickly as possible...

    …and Rama Sha.

    <IMG SRC="" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=188 BORDER=0 USEMAP="#Jeseth_2_Map"><MAP NAME="Jeseth_2_Map"><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="67,162,129,179" HREF="aim:goim?screenname=BinaryCloak"><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="143,162,232,179" HREF="mailto:[email protected]"><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="247,161,380,181" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="139,121,261,138" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="164,95,267,112" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="149,68,243,87" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="172,20,269,52" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="137,12,170,51" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="34,20,131,51" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="17,12,30,60" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="circle" ALT="" COORDS="359,51,6" HREF=""></MAP>[/c]

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    *A cloaked Sith Lord stands at the doorway. His right arm shaking, oh how he would like to pay Jeseth back for his arm, but unfortunally that will have to wait for another day.*
    Well, well, well, look at what has walked in...


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      --Gitane absently made her way into the council room, glancing at the shadows before she froze, midstep. Her eyes were trapped on the figure that stood in the room. Her body ached at the meer thought of the recently-healed bones. Gitane managed to find her voice from amongst her startled mind enough to utter a simple word.--



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        :: Stepping in from the hallway, on a daily check of the happenings and news in the Council room, Trace saw a most unexpected sight. Standing in the room, looking as if he were waiting for someone, the Dark Jedi with black wings looked at hose who had already arrived and were watching him with some level of curiosity.

        Trace could sense from Jeseth as his eyes fell on him, that meeting him was part of the reason he was here in this not so welcome environment. Trace moved closer, not ahead or behind the other members of the Empire who were already her, but alongside them and nodded his head in greeting. ::

        “An unexpected arrival Jeseth. What brings you here?”


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          :: Rama watches from the shadows.......not makeing his presences know. If he were to move any closer he would surely split open Jeseth's belly letting his inards spill to the floor, but for now he wouls stay where he was. ::

          <font color=red> Kill him now. </font>

          No.......we wait.

          <font color=red> No! KILL HIM! SHE MUST SUFFER! KILL HIM YOU STUPID HALF BREED. </font>

          I said we wait.......

          :: Rama feels as he begins to lose control of his own begins to seach for a weapon. ::


          :: Rama pulls his arm back. ::

          .......not yet.

          <font color=red> She must suffer......</font>

          In due time.......she will, and so will the rest of the black Hand.

          <font color=red> Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssss. </font>


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            *demon walked into the council room to see if anything was happening an wished to the gods that she hadnt*oh noo not him..*turns hides in the shodows*


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              Eve looked at Jeseth codly, before standing in front of Gitane. Her emotionless glare didn't change as she spoke to him with a deep monotone voice.

              "What is it that you want exactly ?"


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                Dark Jedi.....dark Jedi.....

                Yes the force presence had matched the person who came to his mind. This one, the Dark Jedi who pretended to be a Sith. A Dark Jedi who pretended to be as such at The Sith Order. Jedah known the secret for some time now, had not exposed this little secret in the time he had been there.

                Secrets could prove useful. Secrets could prove beneficial to ones plans and ideas for the future.

                Now however as he watched the dark Jedi enter, a certain blood lust came over him. To tear this foolish person down, to casually walk up behind Jeseth, raise this clawed hand high and plunge it deep down into the back of his neck.

                The thought of ripping out his spinal cord as it dripped with blood gave him a small measure of pleasure. One that turned to disgust, didnt he stay alive with various items hooked up to his body? Perhaps there wasnt any blood but a blackish goo flowing through Jes veins.

                A fake life force for a fake life. Didnt that give enough reason to destroy this faux impression of a living sentient creature?

                Then again in some ways Jedah was the same. Did it matter. In the end it didnt.

                Perhaps he should kill those stupid and cowardly Sith who hid and stared like fools at Jeseth. Scared...pathetic. Like children. How disgusting he thought.

                Kill not yet. All things served a purpose and Jeseth had not served his yet. In the grand game of the galaxy there was some more purpose yet in the Siths Masters game.


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                  It was quite as he had expected; emotions were triggered quickly. Some motives here he knew were born of hatred, and others, he also knew, were bred of fear. He bowed before Trace formally, rising slowly. Perhaps most Sith thought Jeseth paid them no respect, but it simply wasn't so. Some of them he truly held in high regards... and some which he didn't respect, he subconsciously feared... though fear too, was an emotion he could bend to his advantage. Through the shadows he felt felt a familiar presence watching and waiting... but it was different than he truly recalled. Something there in the shadows nagged at his mind, bringing his dark pupils to a dilated and nearly entranced state. He was obviously quite aware of his surroundings, an it was easily being reflected in his eyes. "I apologize for imposing upon you... I merely came to return Ascension."

                  The Dark Jedi's hand swept back across his coat, beneath the cover of his wings. A light saber was pulled free from it's clip. He offered it to Trace and nodded. "It is your property and has rested in my hands for long enough..." He glanced back towards a maw of shadows, the faint vibration of air molecules touching his pale flesh in waves, reminding him of a beating heart. "If you should see your brother," his eyes pierced through the shadows, scanning the figure whom he was nearly certain was in fact Rama Sha, "return this to him." A second saber was unclipped from the Dark Jedi's belt and held out for Trace to take. He bowed once more once Trace had taken up Rama's saber, then turned to glance at Eve. His eyes moved past her and rested upon Gitane, the stranger who he had met not long ago on a distant world. To think he had almost killed her...

                  Walk with me, if you will? He didn't take Eve's attitude into consideration, but rather focused his attention on Gitane, already turning for the door and wandering past the stalking shadows. He gave a final look at Trace, wondereding if Disorder had finally taken to it's new master. Of all the people who could wield it, only Trace had embraced it's power fully. Sometimes Jeseth questioned if he should have meddled with such powerful sorcery so early into his studies - he was unable to curb the flow of Dark Energy in the weapon, making it nearly impossible to wield without inflicting permanent damage upon the user. He already knew the price of attempting to harness such power... His whole body was a reminder of that mistake now...


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                    --Gitane stared at the man for a long, silent moment before her feet began moving her to walk behind him. What would he want with her? She did need to retrieve her saber, but... For now her mind was on what he wanted with her. For a rare time, nervousness was incasing her mind, drowning her speech. Gitane opened her mouth slowly, looking toward the back of his head as she spoke.--

                    "What is it you want of me that can't be done near others?"


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                      KEEP IT!

                      :: Rama's Voice came from above. Rama moved into the light from the small nich craved into the desgin of the celeing. Rama dropped to the ground, his heavey boots echoed as he hit floor. His long coat rustled as gravity pulled it down. ::

                      <Font Color=red> LET ME DO IT! LET ME DO IT!!!!! </font>

                      :: Rama made his way across the room and grabbed his saber from Trace without even so much as looking at him. He then walked up to Jeseth. And dropped his saber in front of him. It made loud clanking noise as it hit the ground. ::

                      Pick it up......You can still act like you took it from me, like you acted after you simply picked it up the first time when I left it on Vjun. It's just a tool to me.

                      :: He looks Around Jeseth at Gitane. ::

                      I don't think she wants to walk with you.

                      :: Rama backs up and outstreches his arms towards the shadows where the other sith have began to gather. ::

                      Why not talk to her here....


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                        Jeseth glanced down at the saber, then pulled it up towards himself and clipped it to his belt. "As you wish." The weapon was once a prize, a reminder of a battle past, but it wasn't nearly as important to him now. The galaxy was changing, and Jeseth was slowly changing with it... "and as for Gitane... I wasn't aware of her place here. There's something of hers which I wish to give back as well, but it's in my ship. It can wait for another day." The Dark Jedi's eyes met with Rama's for a second. What was so different about the man now? Something in him that just seemed out of place... but still familiar. "Goodbye, Rama Sha." Jeseth walked past him and out the open doors to the council room, absently shutting them as he walked onwards. The landing pad was within site, but still a short walk away. He took advantage of silence to listen to the wind, allowing it to flow over him cooly.


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                          Eve grimaced slightly before turning around to face Gitane. With just a glance at her, Eve lowered her eyes to the ground before leaving the Council room silently. A bit confused about what just happened there.


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                            Watching in a silent seething anger, Vegas eyes followed Jeseths movements from a shady part of the room, his head lowered as he rubbed at his left temple lightly with a few fingers.


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                              :: Trace had taken the saber, he had constructed via his own hands, from Jeseth, uttering no words, but the look in his eyes was enough to know that he understood, at least on some level. He slipped the saber into his Jacket pocket and merely turned to leave.

                              It was true that he was now the wielder of the cursed blade Disorder, and very true that he had bonded with the weapon on more than just a physical plane. Its curse was now a part of his mind, a result of events that had been unforeseen when he first brandished it and it drove him to insanity and back.

                              He had traded his own weapon for it at the gravesite of Jeseth so long ago, keeping the oath he had made with the Dark Jedi, and now would never give it up. It was a part of him mentally, spiritually, and physically. A part that had changed his life drastically and would undoubtedly continue to.

                              The dark clad man with pale skin, exited in silence, leaving all the others behind, most likely wondering what all this had been about. ::