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  • Stumbling...

    --Gitane coughed a bit, pushing into the Council Room difficultly, having to use her knee to open the door. Her right arm hung limb to her side, her left arm bleeding rather badly, barely attached as it rested on her chest. She closed her eyes for a moment, stopping in the middle of the room. She'd come from a battle, barely able to keep both the limbs attached. Her eyes slit open as she murmured two, soft words.--

    "Master Vega.."

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    Sieken was back, he hadent visited the Sith HQ for months, but he was back now, and he just happend to walk into the room at the other end and catch Giante walking in with her limbs barely attached to he body, sieken raised a browwith a slight feeling inside his of fear, he ran towards her as he was about to fall, he cought her laying her down on the cold floor...

    'Call Master Vega NOW!!!' he said to a random person standing there...he ran off calling for him...


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      Vega strode slowly into the Council room, looking down his nose at the two that had arrived. For a moment he had remained silent, then began to growl lowly.

      Why is she not already in the med-bay?!

      His boot falls were heavy and echoed his anger as he paced towards the duo, kneeling to slip his arms beneath Gitane.

      ... Sieken, you come also. I want a word with you.

      With that, the three departed to the Empires HQ.