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  • a torn warrior!

    Sieken slumped in his TIE Interceptor, he barely crawled from the ship and apon getting out wiped blood down the side of the craft...the Disiple staggers to the doors of the main hall holding his chest wound and fell to his knees, sieken opend the door and fell inside, the Jedi knight Alpha was certainly a formiddible fighter....sieken litraly pulled himself to the center of the hall and pulled out the blade of Alpha and tossed it to the ground...and then...blackness....

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    With a light flick of his wrist the Sith Knight called the blade hilt to his hand, tossing it a little into the air before snatching it back into his palm. Looking upon his fallen apprentice, he quirked an eyebrow - wondering exactly how he had come to be in such a state.

    Pacing over to the Disciple, he knelt down, hefting his arm around his own shoulder. With a sigh of discontentment, he turned and began to pull Sieken away from the Council room, headed for the medbay.