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Trials of Firebird (2 of 7)

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  • Trials of Firebird (2 of 7) survied the first trial.

    Now for the second trial.......are you ready?

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    *Lord Firebird bows before his Master.*
    I am Ready for whatever you have in mind.


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      Good........We will journey to the mountains.....there your second trail will begin.


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        Yes, when do we leave....


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          As soon as your ready...........but leave your weapons here. This is a test of your mental readiness, Not your Phyiscal.


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            Very well my mater, I shall return in one hour.

            *5 mins later in Firebird's quarters.*
            K9: Why leave your lightsaber with me?
            Firebird: That way I know that it is safe, besides I will not need it.
            K9: Very well sir.
            *Firebird finishes packing a small pack which has some clothing and 50 meters of rope and his cloak in it. He then returns to the Council room.*
            I am now ready to go Master.


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              Good...............follow me.

              :: Rama turns and heads out of the council room. ::


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                *Firebird follows his master out of the Council chambers.*


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                  :: Rama approaches the mountain on the outside of the city.....he looks back over his shoulder at Firebird who is following, the forward at the cave just a few meter away. Rama throws down his gear and sits on a rock waiting for FB to catch up. ::


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                    *Lord Firebird catches up to his master and stands before him. Firebird does not remove his pack, and stays aleart for anything unusual in the area.*

                    So what do I need to do now?


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                      :: HE points to the cave. ::

                      This cave goes under the mountain and out the must go threw it. But there are many dangers inside, dangers of the mind.


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                        * So I just go in? Is that all? Firebird thought to himself as he walked toward the cave. Not knowing what is in the cave was bad enough, but the waves of The Dark Side of the Force were almost frightening. Ever on the alert Firebird walked into the cave, watching and listening for anything that could be inside.*


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                          :: From deep within the cave Firebird hears the sound of a small child crying ::