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  • For the Empire...

    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial stood at the entrance to the Council Room. Her attire was slightly tattered as she looked to be returning from a battle. The Lordess's black boots silently treaded on the smooth marble floor as she made her way to the front where she addressed the Council and all members present ::

    "Council Members and fellow comrades of the Empire. It is with great pride that I now return to present my home planet of Garqi as part of the Empire's holdings in the galaxy. I led the operation to take control of this planet, and many of our fellow members participated in this endeavor and they deserve recognition for their hard work on behalf of the Empire:

    Team 1:
    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Sieken Kasstra
    Darth Snack
    Darth Poreon

    Team 2:
    Bi0 Hazzard
    Kaine Darklighter

    Team 3:
    Dara Shadowtide Rayial
    Vega Van Derveld
    Gryfon Spaid
    Gitane Blesse

    Team 4:
    Rama Sha
    Eve Siren

    Team 5:
    Daegal Murdoch
    Lady Razielle

    Team 6:
    Admiral Jyener
    Athena Lady Darknss

    Team 7:
    Darth Varlon

    Team 8:
    Anubis Lockheart

    Team 9:
    Sumor Rayial

    The Empire remains strong and unified in attaining our goals and I am proud of each and every member I stand along side. To the glory of the Empire!"

    :: Dara smiles and nods to the Council and fellow comrades of the Empire ::

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    Dalethria stepped into the Council Room after Dara made her announcement that Garqi was under the Empire's control. As with her sister, Dalethria was a bit battle worn from what had transipred only hours previous ... the rush of the killing still prominent in her veins.

    She walked past Dara and gave her a small smile as she then took her seat amongst the Council that did not go on the mission.

    "Everything went according to plan and it does the Empire proud to see our comrades working together to take over Garqi. They really had no idea what hit them," the Lordess said as a wider grin came across her face.

    Then she added through the Force for Dara only:

    And it was just like old times fighting alongside you, Sister. We have to do it again.


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      Athena watched as her master spoke to the council. Athena stayed at the back of the room and needed to get changed. her face covered with ash and other junk from the explosions her team had loved to make.


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        Var stood in his usual corner of the HQ facility, his arms crossed and in one hand, his scythe. He didn't smile or show any signs of pleasure in taking Garqi, as his small task force of desciples had been killed to a man. None the less, he stood present as Dara reported in.


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          :: Dara smiled upon hearing Dale's words in her mind and she spoke back to her via the Dark Side ::

          Indeed it was, my sister. I do agree...

          :: The Lordess nods once more to the Council and then turns to each of the members who participated in the mission, presenting them with a medallion of recognition ::

          [c]<img src=>[/c]

          "Congratulations on a job well done in serving the Empire, my comrades. Long live TSE..."


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            Athena smiled at her master. then looked at the offered gift. She nods once and took it.

            " It was an honor Master! "


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              *Bi0 placed the medal on his chest and bowed to his Master*

              "I don't actually derserve this medal Master Shadowtide. But none the less, it is an honor. I thank you Master Shadowtide".

              *Bi0 bows again and heads out to tighten the SE's control*


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                [i] Sipharus stands to the side, leaning against the meteal corridor, thinking he should have been there, anger in his mind for missing this take over. "I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE"...he thinks to himself, but his quest for vengance got in the way....And he didnt even return with anything to show for.


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                  Sieken nodded to Dara as he was given the medel, he face strait as an andriods ans steped from the line of people and walked out of the room...


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                    Taking the medal with a silent dignity, the Sith Knight nodded to his Master, a small smile covering his lips.


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                      *Snack took the medal with great pride, for this was the first true mission he had been involved in since rejioning the Empire. He clasped it in his hand holding on to it tightly, and gave a bow of his head to Dara.*

                      For the Empire, My Lordess.


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                        **Sumor stood at ease at the back of the council room with his hands clasped behind his back. His face wore a blank expression, but hidden behind his emotionless eyes laid a pride in his fellow members. They had all completed their assignments with distinction and valour. He was proud of them all both as a council member and a fellow Sith and would stand side by side with any of them in battle.

                        Looking at his wife he spoke to her.**

                        Well done my dark love, you have brought much pain to your former planet and much glory to the empire.


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                          *Raine watched from the shadows as usual. He smiled with a silent pride at what his master and the rest of the members on the mission had accomplished. Indeed, today was a great day to be part of The Sith Empire.*


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                            "Indeed, a marvelous achievement planned out to perfection, on behalf of The Sith Empire I salute you all in the work each has shown in adding the planet to its proper place in the universe. One more world is now freed from the ignorence that had taken ahold of its people, but with our help they shall see their true place under our command."