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    Dedicated to those who perished on 9-11-01, those who continue to search for survivors, as well as those who spend thier time waiting to give blood or donations to help however they can.


    A member of our family died today,
    Thier time on this earth had come.
    A member of our family cried today,
    Over the course of events that was run.
    Many members of our family died today,
    When all this destruction was wrought.
    Many dreams of my family died today,
    Reminiscent of the battles we had fought.
    I watched our father cry today,
    As he saw the destruction firsthand.
    Then he held us in his arms today,
    Comforting with a loving touch of his hand.
    I watched our mother cry today,
    From her eternal seat on an island nearby.
    I was there as Uncle Sam held us close today,
    And together we all sat and cried.
    But then I wantched brothers and Sisters smiling today!
    For the pride in thier flag was confirmed.
    We all realized for the first time today,
    That our wonderful family WILL NOT BE DETERRED!

    I wrote this as I sat in work today, after a little old lady came in. I asked her about her thoughts on the matter, and she replied: "I feel so sorry for you young must be very hard on you with this making such a mark on your lives...its hard on us too, honey."
    She then patted me on the hand, turned to leave, and, as she was leaving, she wiped a tear from her eye. I must confess, after that, I was forced to do the same. Please pass this on to friends and family members, and let people know that we are all one family.

    Steve B.
    Neo Stryfe, The Avenging Angel