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I have returned...

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  • I have returned...

    Stepping from the shadows, the sith known as Azrael emerges into the room...he takes up a spot on the wall till he is recognized...

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    Watching from his usual corner of the Council room, the Sith Knight speaks quietly.

    Welcome back..


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      Its good to be back among friends and collegues...i have been away to long.


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        That you have, my comrade...

        *The Sith Knight spoke out from the shadows.*


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          Ogre didn’t speak from where he sat. He only remained there, nodding his head in recognition of Neo’s return to the Empire. Ogre knew that the Disciple would require some time to get back on the correct path to training and preparation for the fight against the light.


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            *Neo, sensing his master, turns to him and falls to one knee*

            Forgive my absence, master...problems on my homeworld forced me to take my leave of the empire...if i can prevent it, i will never leave so abrubtly again.


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              "Welcome back ... and where is that wonderful brother of yours?" Dalethria asked with a small grin.

              "Did you actually kill him?"


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                *Neo looks toward Dale, shaking his head*

                Ferin is not dead by my hand...however, he is gone...and i cannot find him...i have looked. he joined me on my home planet, and we fought side by side to defend our lands from the good doer peasents around it...but, one nite, we split apart to take different paths, and he has not been seen since...i had hoped he would be here, but...

                *Neo shows a rare sign of weakness by looking down...his thoughts fly to his brother, and what couldve happend to him...he had heard of the peasents ripping the tenents of his land apart by force...Neo knew how horrific death could be...He shakes this off and levels his gaze back at Dale, and towards Ogre as well...*

                However, only he can help hisself...i feel that he is not dead...if he desired my help, he would call out to me. We have become close in this time. I trust he will be the meantime, i wish to pick up where my training left off.*


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                  welcome home Neo.

                  :: her voice rang out from with in the shadows. She stood there and watched the masters speak. ::


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                    Nodded, "Then I hope he shall one day return to us."


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                      I doubt it not. He will return...someday...soon.

                      *Neo looks around him, then raises to his feet.*

                      If anyone cares to speak with me, i shall return to my room to get back to normal. Feel free to stop by. Call when you are ready to restart my training, Master Ogre.

                      *with that, Neo turns and walks out of the room*


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                        Ogre merely nodded as his recently returned Disciple said what it was he did and departed.


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                          :: The mad clone casts a devilish grin from behind a marble column, following the Disciple back to his room as he exits ::