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A pod streaks toward Oord Mantell

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  • A pod streaks toward Oord Mantell

    Out of the black ether of space, a small, spherical space pod slows out of hyperspace, slowly advancing towards the Sith Empire homeworld of Oord Mantell. As it approaches the atmosphere, it adjusts for trajectory, streaking towards the ground at high speed, before impacting in a barren field. Out of the smoky crater, a hatch opens on the pod, and a cybernetically-augmented humanoid slowly exits the pod...and begins walking towards the nearest inhabited area he can detect.

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    *Drackor was watching the radar. The small boy was confused as the blinky dot suddenly stopped blinking in what looked like a crash.*

    What happened? *He yelled.*

    *Drackor continued to watch the radar...Hmmmmmmm.......*


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      OOC: Drackor, be sure to state in your post you are veiwing something happening on Ord Mantel. TSE is located on Munto Codru. Therefore, what you are seeing is happening on another planet owned by TSE.


      *LV had been on her way to her ship, followed by Anbiraa, when her comm beeped. After the message and now this, she was beginning to get irritated. She grabbed the comm and flipped it on.*


      *Her faced paled as she listened to the report on a landing of an unknown ship at one of the Empire's other planets, Ord Mantel. She could only surmise the invasion had started. And it seemed it took only one to have an invasion.*

      Get all ground troops and personel to those coordinates. Stop that thing!

      Scramble the fighters and any capitol ships we have to protect entering vectors to the planet. Have the space turrets brought online.

      And if we have any planetary shields, by gawd use them!

      *She shut her comm off and walked more briskly to her ship. She needed to get to Corellia. Her cloaking fleet was there. She could use them, and she needed to command the defenses at the planet.*

      *She shut the ship as soon as Anbiraa had enterd and shot the ship for hyperspace, letting the flgiht traffic control know of her destination in case she was needed.*

      *Moments later, she was gone, heading towards Corellia.*


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        *Meanwhile Lord Firebird has some simple questions...*
        Ok what is this thing? From what I have heard that this creature attacked Coursacant, so how wasit driven out? And is anyone on route to Ord Mantell to ensure that the creature does not take root?


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          Leaving the field behind, the Designate Avatar sees the lights of a small town ahead. He continues to move at a carefully-regulated speed, his sensors scanning everything in his surroundings.