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Li-ife forrrmmmsss of de-de-designation [SITH EMPIRE]...

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  • Li-ife forrrmmmsss of de-de-designation [SITH EMPIRE]...

    ...Y-ooouuu havesevenSe....//// ha-aave ssseeevvveeennn [SESSWANNA] chro-onographed days....topreparefor...eeepppaaarrree...for biolo-biological annihilation.

    Whe-e-en yyyooouuurrr timeisup, I-I-Iiiiii...shall ssseeennn~~send a [REAVER] to your insign-insigni-iiificant hhhomeworld///..__and //PURGE// i-iiit.

    OOC: "Homeworld" is simply Implement's interpretation of where the Empire's homeworld would likely be, given the data accessible to her. (Not Munto Codru)

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    *LV's blood went cold as she heard the message played on all comm frequencies. She'd heard it eminating from her personal hand-held comm, and as she'd walked briskly down the hallways of the Empire, she'd heard other comm equiptment eminating the same message.*

    *She'd hoped she'd seen the last of them. She snarled. Apparently not.*

    *As she stopped in the Council Room, she waited for the others to come. This was obviously something that needed discussing.*

    *As she waited, she patched through a link to the Sith Order, and received the message that they too had recieved something from this machine-alien.*

    *Shutting off her comm, she began to wonder if the Yuzzhan Vong would find this machine-alien as repulsive as they found their technology. probably more so, seeing as how it appeared to be sentient.*

    *She waited in the eerie silence in the aftermath of the message.*


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      *Lord Firebird thought to himself in the Council Room after the message had ended.*
      Who is this creature, and what does it have against us?


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        A five-foot, nine-inch hologram of Var stood amongst the leaders of the Sith Empire and stood pondering the mysterious threat.

        "Whomever they think they are, they are stirring up the wrong hornets nest. The fleets have been on constant alert for well over two months now, and are poised to strike at any threat," The hologram of the Knight said as he was motioning towards a central projector, which displayed a galactic map. "Each blue dot on this map represents a system with a standing fleet. The brighter the dot, the stronger it is.

        "Currently, Munto Cudro has the heaviest of defenses. Any hostile forces that approach our space will be delt with immediately, and the call to battle will spread like wildfire throughout the Empire.

        "We stand ready, as one. And those of you whom have personal fleets, I humbly request your aid in these coming days, for the additional firepower may be needed."


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          *LV looked at the hologram.*

          Varlon, I don't think you understand the magnitude of this threat. I have dealt with them before. And anything run as machines by us, can and will potentially be taken over by them.

          *She scowled.*

          And they also take lives, turning them into machines.

          *She spread her hands.*

          I'm not saying we tuck tail and run. That is nt our way. But we need to think logically about this and not underestimate them.


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            *Drackor wondered what was up. He wondered if something fun would actually happen around here. No offense but he's just not stimulated enough. Drackor Walked to everyone else and pondered he heard lady vaders last statement and knew somewhat what was going on.*

            Well, we got ships...Why not shoot them?


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              The hologram frowned, this wasn't as he had moments ago expected. "Then, Lady Vader, if you have prior knowledge of how they tick, perhaps I could enlist your aid in helping us develop a lock-out for the fleets to keep them from penetrating into our systems?" The holo of Var suddenly spoke again with renewed confidence. "Although far-fetched as it may seem, it's the least we can do for the time being."


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                *LV nodded her head.*

                Yes, it is something to do. They tick through a hive mind. What one knows, all know. They are lead by one mind. Though I never got the full details of this one mind, I believe they call it IMPLEMENT. It seems to be the central thinker. The leader so to speak.

                As to locking down our ships. Basically, don't let them get in or near them. We could calibrate our shields so that even their sensors could not potential bring a virus or bug through and take over our vessels. I have found that cloaked vessels do the best, because the machines cannot see or detect them.

                We should also plant self-destruct broids within the ship, essentially and completely seperate from the ship's programs itself. In the event the ship is taken over, these droids would destroy the ship, taken what it can with it. Perhaps one of the enemy ships would dock along side. I don't like this plan much, but it enssures we cut their numbers down in the event they get the upper hand.

                *She fell silent, thoughtful.*

                One more thing. I know Lynch is very capable with cloning. That also means he understands bio-matter. I seem to recall the Yuuzhan Vong using bio-technology. If we could attain some of this knowledge, perhaps Lynch could work on a way of growing ships or weapons none dependant on machinery. This would also ensure the enemy cannot take over these particular assets.


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                  "Then, if the council will make it so, get to work on it. Time is short. Too short for my liking.."


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