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Enters with disturbing news....

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  • Enters with disturbing news....

    Tempist entered the council room, uneasy from what he had seen. He stood impatnently at first, then addressed the council with what he had to say.

    "Pardon my barging in like this, but I have seen somthing outside in the sky. I think it's a ship, but I cannot tell. It looked like a huge blotch in the sky, darker than everything else out there right now."

    ooc: its from here, i wanted to have somthing to do with this lol <a href=> link</a>

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    Well then we should of seen this comming, there was a scout of somekind sent there. But no matter, we will deal with both. All members of The Sith Empire please go to Operations so we may deal with this threat in a more secure surrounding.

    OOC: If you are a member of TSE and do not have access to this forum please Email your master so we may take care of that.


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      Umm.. Tempist? *post deleted for security reasons*


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        secured fourm please