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  • Syndell Draclau

    Elbow resting on the cool stoney arm of her seat, Dalethria sat waiting in the Council Room for her Apprentice to arrive.

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    Athena was walking into the Council room when she saw her sister. She slinked back into the shadows and waited to see what was going to happen.


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      A few minutes after getting the message at the bar, Syndell had opoened the doors leading into the council room and stepped inside. Looking around she spotted her master. Syndell walked up to her and stopped two feet from her bowing her head in respect.

      "You have summoned me mistress Dale"

      Syndell then remaind silent waiting for an answer.


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        She nodded, "As I've heard, you've done well in your first spar ... already accepting another. I think raising the stakes will prove usefull."

        Dalethria removed the hand from her cheek and let it rest on the arm of her seat, "I want you to go to the battlegrounds and seek out a Jedi. This will be but one of many tests to prove to me you deserve the right to learn Sith Magick.

        I also will not discourage you to face another in our training grounds."


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          Syndell's face went blank.....the word jedi had hit home, for it was they that had killed her family. Syndell bowed her head.

          "Yes master i shall do as you ask"

          Syndell the looked up to address her master once again.

          "With your permission i would like to first do my sparr with Tempps that i had promised him.....if you will let me"

          She again waited for an answer from her master.


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            She felt the sharp change in Syndell's emotions. It would be an easy test for her if she focuses on that rage.

            "Very well. Another practice spar, if you will, before you head to the battlegrounds. When you have finished with Temps and your battle with a Jedi ... return to me here."


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              Syndell nodded her head.

              "I thank you mistress......i will not disappoint you"

              Standing up Syndell turned and walked out. Heading straight for the training grounds she stopped a trooper walking by and told him to get Temps and tell him to meet her there.

              "It's time i learn how to focus my energy and anger better if i am to fight a jedi"