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A monster wanders...

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  • A monster wanders...

    :: The dark clone runs his fingertips along the council room walls as he wanders about, a look of sick ennui on his face. ::

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    <font size=50>What a quiet place this is!!!</font>

    :: Anbiraa laughs as his booming voice echoes through the council room. Suddenly, his jovial face is wrought in a twisted grimace ::

    I....WONDER....where aall the children have gone!!!


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      *A single voice reaches out to the seemingly unstable man..*

      ... I find it hard to believe that Any children would stay long here... If you are indeed looking such a bearer of immaturity and stupidity, I'd have to suggest hunting down a Jedi..

      *The end of MnT's sentance came with no slight amount of intended humor and mischief, despite his feeling that it would make no differance to this clone, this version of Anbira who seemingly possessed no emotions other than anger, and hatred.. He suppossed such a being would make an excellent Sith, but a Warrior at the level the Old Anbira was at? Of that he was not so certain..*


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        :: Anbiraa's voice becomes solemn and monotone ::


        :: He turned around, with a smile on his face ::

        Come here.

        :: Miryan suddenly felt his feet sliding on the floor of the Council Room, being pulled towards Anbiraa by the Force ::


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          *Using his own force abilities to help counter-act the pulling from Anbiraa, MnT simply walked over to him on his own free will, the bottom of his trenchcoat fluttering slightly from the force pressure concentrated by them. Once he got to within a few feet of the man, he stopped, and cocked his head slightly to the side, in an inquisitive manner*

          ... How might I help you..?


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            :: Anbira's smile pressed thin, as he glanced down covetously at the other Sith's weapon of war...his lightsaber. ::


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              *Looking at the clone's eyes, he instantly could tell where the man was looking.. He knew Anbiraa could not directly see either of his sabers, both being hidden under his trenchcoat, but there was no doubt that that was the target of his focus..*

              ... You do not have a saber..?


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                :: He looked back to Miryan's face, an oily grin etched into the hard outlines of his face ::

                I do now.


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                  *A slight frown began to trace it's way across his face, but rapidly retreated.. There was no way he would simply give away either Life Or Death, and had it not been for foresight, MnT knew he would have likely had to this day.. Instead, he reached into the left side of his trenchcoat, into a pocket by his chest, and retrieved a spare saber he had built..*

                  *Holding it out horizontally in front of him, MnT thumbed the control, igniting the weapon with the snap-hiss that seemed attributed to All light sabers.. The beam throbbed slightly with a dark orange light, and then dissapated, as MnT once more hit the control.. He held the cylinder out to Anbiraa, and spoke..*

                  ... It is unnamed, and it is yours if you'd like it..


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                    :: Anbiraa's eyes reflected the saber's hues as he glanced down its blade. When it was deactivated, his eyes traced back up to Miryan's face, listening to his words. His expressions were hidden...his face was a mask.

                    With a quick motion, he snatched the saber from the Sith's hand, and walked away....curious to see what other inhabitants he could encounter. ::


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                      *Watching Anbiraa leave, MnT could not help but wonder if he'd just dissapointed the man.. It seemed evident from the few expressions he shared on the outside, that he had been hoping for a fight.. But in the council room? Strange..*

                      *With a shrug, the Sith Knight reached back into his trenchcoat, closed the snap on the pocket, and walked back into the shadows to think about what had transpired, his own black attire all but causing him to fade from view..*


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                        Stealing Lightsabers........Would have expected more from the late great Anbira.

                        :: Rama leaned against the wall of the outer hallway that led to the council room. In his hand a deck of cards. That he shuffled over and over again. ::


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                          *LV stretched lazily in her bed, still napping. She was beginning to slowly wake up when a strong presence entered her mind. She sat up with a jolt, fully awake now. She blinked, looking inside herself to see where that presence had come from. It had been strong, feeling familiar, and then all at the same time very different. She must have felt it while still in that bridge between awake and asleep, where your mind roamed, open and sensitive to anything.*

                          *She slid from her bed, feeling rested, and searched for what she had felt. But only having gotten a glimpse of it, she wasn't quite sure of what to look for. Shrugging, she decided a warm bath would wake her up further. But as she bathed, and even after she finished, that feeling of familiarity hadn't left. It was as if it were telling her to seek it out. Or maybe just to say "I am here". She dressed all the while thinking.*

                          *Once she had finished, she made her way over to her desk where the comm light was forever blinking. Or at least it seemed that way. She sat in the chair at the desk and began to sift through the various messages; some being interesting and others not deserving her attention.*

                          *As she worked at her desk, Iesis had come to sit beside her. LV absentmindedly scratch the large feline's head, making it begin to purr. She smiled. She knew why the cat had come to sit by her. Iesis was hungry. Come to think of it, so was she.*

                          *She would finish her work here soon and go to the dining area to get a meal for herself and her companion.*


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                            :: Anbiraa's face sets into a deep brooding scowl as he hears the man with a painted face talk. He continues walking, and passes the man...


                            ...the deep orange hue of Anbiraa's newfound weapon swings in a colorful arc, and is sheathed as quickly as it strikes. Rama Sha braces for an attack that does not come. However, four pieces of singed paper flutter to the ground...the remains of two cards out of the Sith's playing deck.

                            Anbiraa stares wild-eyed at Rama Sha. ::

                            I don't play....with jokers.

                            :: The mad clone turns his neck, popping a few joints before he walks off. The remnants of the cards hover suspended in the air, being torn to shreds by an invisible hand before fluttering back to the ground as confetti ::


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                              Do you know what you think you know......

                              :: Rama holds another card from the deck between his fingers. ::

                              This one isn't my card, it's yours......

                              :: Rama flips the card around and shows it too Anbiraa ::

                              [c] <img src=> [/c]

                              <Font Color=red> KILL HIM! KILL HIM! </font>

                              :: Rama walks up to Anbiraa and slides it in the neck line of his armor. ::

                              There you go.

                              :: Rama Sticks his hands in the pockets of his coat and begins to walk away whistelling, then turns around and walks backwards faceing Anbira ::

                              Bet you wish you knew which two you destroyed. For now....I'll be the keeper of the secerts of the things yet unseen.

                              :: With a small slight of hand trick two cards appear in Rama's hands. Anbiraa looks to the floor to see the ripped shreds of the other two cards missing. ::

                              The Future holds many things for you......But these two will decide your true destiny. Not the one you proclaim now. A choice and Scarfice.......What are they? Well, only Time will tell.

                              :: A broad Grin comes across his face and he begins to whistle again as he turns back around and walks out of sight. ::