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A man destined to return.

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  • A man destined to return.

    Having gained authorization to land and see the council, the lone Sith had made his way towards the council room. He slowly walked, looking at the familiar surroundings in which he had started out from so long ago. Flashes from his past at TSE went across his mind. Being shrouded in his cloak and hood, Dyne had arrived at the council room doors. They opened up slowly as he stepped inside, in front of the Sith council. Standing there for a brief second, Dyne looked at the members, their attention shifting to him. He noticed his old comrades who he had fought along side of when he used to be a member of TSE. Dyne continued to walk, only his eyes being seen from under the hood. Arriving in the middle of the room, the Sith took his hood off then came down on one knee. His appearance had changed since the last time he had been here. The long hair also came down, covering his face slightly. Looking at the ground below him, Dyne awaited permission to speak before the council. He stayed both motionless and quiet while waiting patiently.


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    Nuriko smiled upon seeing Dyne enter the council room. She was somewhat confused with him kneeling before them. "Hello, Dyne. Why are you here?"


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      He looked up at Lordess Nuriko as she spoke to him.

      "I have came to request the council of something...."

      Dyne's voice slightly trailed off before looking towards the ground again.


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        Watching with slightly narrowed eyes from the cover of the room's shadows, the Sith Knight observed his comrade with a silent interest. He had seen his fellow Sith recently, however did not expect to see him at the Empire, let alone in the Council room, anytime soon. For now he would have to wait, and simply watch, seeing what would unfold.


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          **A steely gaze was cast down on the Sith from the 7th council chair. It had been some time since Sumor and Dyne's paths had crossed, and the last time was not a very pleasant one.

          Sumor had not forgotten the circumstances of Dyne's departure, far from it.

          He would say nothing of it this day, but there would be a day in the future and the look on his face let the Sith know it.**


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            *Raine watched from his usual spot in the council room, the shadows. He flipped a dagger in one of his hands like always, seemed he was never seen without one nowadays. He smiled wickedly as he saw his old friend, Dyne and waited quietly to see what would become of this.*


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              A quiet, but rhythmic tapping echoed through the council room, like a heartbeat. In the corner, Var stood with his scythe in hand, gently tapping the butt of the staff on the ground as he waited to hear the councils judgement.


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                He sits in silence waiting for the former Knight of the Empire to continue.


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                  :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial watches from the shadows, standing in silence at the presence of her apprentice in the Council Room he left some time ago. Much had transpired since that time and she waited to see what brought Dyne to the Empire this day ::


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                    Dalethria took a quick glance over at her husband before her eyes shifted to Dyne. He recently visited her at her home on Meras and to see him in the Council Room was a bit of a surprise. She waited quietly for the once Knight of the Empire to answer Nuriko's question.


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                      Eve looked at the man who just entered, tilting her head lightly, leaning against a wall near the Council's entrance. Vega told her about that man before ... She was curious to see what was going to be his answer to Lordess Nuriko's question.


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                        Noticing all the eyes focused on him in the council room, Dyne decided to make his request. Standing up to his feet, he looked above at the council as they were seated in their own individual locations. Most seemed to be angered and the others just plain curious on what he was doing there. After all, when he left, it wasnt pretty. Glancing at all the council members present, he spoke.

                        "I have came here today to request my rejoining in the Sith Empire.....

                        The mood slightly changed as he stopped for a second. Their attention seemed to be even deeper now on what Dyne had to say. It had been awhile since he had been to the Empire let alone ask to rejoin. He wasnt sure if they expected a rejoining request from him. The former Sith Knight continued on with his request.

                        "Being a lone Sith and not with TSE, there wasnt much I did that I wouldnt have while being here. I know this a surprise coming from me. I wish to join TSE to help the Sith again like I used to before my departure. I also know, I cant just come in here and expect a open arms welcome. My departure was meant to be a good one, which didnt end up happening. I would like to earn my place back here."

                        He lowered his head slightly for a brief moment. Dyne was jumbling words in his mind. His yellow eyes sparked as he was thinking on what to say. Many thoughts were trying to squeeze out at the sametime. He wasnt sure as to what would be the council's reaction either, much less his former comrades who were around him as well. Looking up, he said one last sentence before going silent and letting the council speak.

                        "I believe this is my place, the place where I have to be a Sith."


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                          "I for one do welcome you with open arms." She turns to the others to see what they would say.


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                            *Bi0, from slightly in the shadows, nodded with Nuriko's answer. From the records he read about Dyne, he was one of the powerful allies to the Darkside. To have him rejoin would indeed increase the SE's hold even tighter. But depsite Bi0's thoughts, they weren't his to make. The decision was all riding on the head council members. They were holding the key's to decide Dyne's fate. Eiether it be rejoining or banishment. It was all riding on them*


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                              Upon hearing Nuriko's reply to Dyne's request, Dalethria then spoke, "I as well, Dyne."