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    It was almost time for Miryan to enter the Council Room and discuss what had occurred on their last outing. He didn't do as well as expected and Dalethria hoped that he learned something from his lesson. Of course, that was part of it ... what did he learn and what was she trying to show him.

    He better not disappoint the Sith Lordess further. This was still the center of Dalethria's thoughts as she rose from her Council Seat. Quietly she stepped down the stairs and turned around, facing away from the doors of the Council Room and closed her eyes .... waiting.

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    *Walking into the council room, the prescence of Lordess Dalethria brought to mind once more the thoughts of what had transpired.. MnT had once more failed his master.. It seemed that everytime she tried to teach him something, he just screwed up.. Such thoughts would normally prove disheartening, but the natural pride of the Saiya-Jin, combined with his own sense of honor, kept him from even considering such a feeling. When you made a mistake, you fixed it..*

    *As he neared his Master, the thoughts exited his head, replaced instead by ones of what was going to happen here in the council room.. Soon though, he recalled that he knew not what to expect from Lordess Dalethria, for she was always surprising him, as gave up, instead waiting for whatever was going to happen, to happen. Stopping in the middle of the room, MnT bowed down in respect to his master, and the others in the room. He then knelt down on one knee, saying aloud that which everyone there already knew.*

    ... Master, I've arrived..


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      Dalethria's back was still facing him as her eyes revealed her cold blue eyes. They reflected the evil smirk that spread across her lips when she heard Miryan announce his presence. Prompt and contemplative as always.

      Her body slowly turned around to face front, the ends of the black cloak brushing against her legs before fanning out and coming to a stop.

      "Rise, my Apprentice," she commanded, "... and tell me why I summoned you."


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        *Standing as was requested, MnT cleared his throat, and spoke..*

        ... Master, I'm here because I failed you in my training.. I acted too hastily, without seeing out the situation first, and ruined the lesson because of it... You asked me, before you left, to figure out on my own that which you were trying to teach me.. I believe you've summoned me here to find out whether or not I was successful..


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          Dalethria simply motioned her head forward, letting Miryan know that she wished him to continue.


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            *Thinking back momentarily over what had transpired, MnT hesitated slightly, for despite what he assumed she was trying to teach him, there was quite the chance that he was totally off on it.. If he were, this would not go over well at all..*

            ... Well Master, I came to a few different possibilities.. I would not be able to choose just one and speak it, so I supposse I'll just say them all...

            *He raised a hand to his lips, clearing his throat quietly, before beginning..*

            ... At first, I felt the point of the lesson might have been just new methods to bring terror to the world around us, but I did not believe that something like that would deem worthy enough to spend a day in training over, by your standards..

            ... After thinking about it longer, I then thought that perhaps you were trying to teach me how to spread the dark side to those who aren't Sith, causing it's power to grow as more and more people are opened up to it.. This would be useful, as the energy of the force comes from all living beings.. The more beings sharing their energy with the dark side, the stronger it becomes..

            *Now, MnT's facial expression took on a slightly confused look, as if he were not entirely sure what to make of something..*

            ... But then I was thinking about how you were talking about the dark side, during my training, the words you were using to describe some of the effects it could have on people.. This left me wondering if you were trying to teach me that the dark side is nothing more than pure destruction, with no beneficial effects on those who weild it, Other than power..

            ... If that Was the lesson, Master, then I have to say I disagree..


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              Tongue in cheek, Dalethria listened to the two possible outcomes of what she was trying to teach her Apprentice. She walked around him in a circle, letting the only sound be the soles of her boots hitting the marble floor, "So ... you give me two answers. That isn't what I asked. I asked what the lesson was."


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                *He prepared himself for any physical reaction that might come from his answer, should it be incorrect.. Of the 3 answers he'd come to, there was only one he wanted to be correct, but he knew that his ideas and those of Lordess Dalethria were different.. Still though, he doubted she'd try to teach him anything that could be depremental to his training.. As such, he nodded his head in self-affirmation, and replied..*

                ... I believe, Master, that the lesson was in spreading the Dark Side into others, and by doing so, strengthing it, and myself, in the process...


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                  "Strengthen yourself and the Dark Side you say?" Lips curled into a grin as Dalethria thought about Miryan's statement.

                  She pivoted on her heel and walked to the end of the stairs leading to where the Council sat. The only other movement that occured was her head dipping down to the side as seconds ticked away.

                  Then without any warning, Dalethria spun around quickly and crossed her arms, "I believe we should put that thought into action. Find your way to Meras Forest. There is a pathway hidden amongst leaves, vines and soil. A certain area of that pathway has been a site of great magick's. Where you find that is where you will find me."


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                    *Nodding, MnT stood up.. He was somewhat relieved that, whether right or wrong, nothing bad had yet come of it, but the emotion was quickly washed away by thoughts of what she had said... Meras Forest..? Magicks..? He had never even heard of a place called Meras Forest, and as far as he knew, Magick was a thing of fairytales.. Oh well though, it was requested of him, and as such, he would comply.. Where to start searching though..*


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