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*Addresses the Council*

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  • *Addresses the Council*

    *Snack had picked up his jet black robes and threw them on himself like an old rag before he exited the Med Bay. His mind a twirl of emotions and thought all centering around one word, one meaning: Sith. With a slight limp, the "Sith" Knight proceeded down the dark cooridors which lead to the Council Room.

    Upon reaching the doors, he used the Force to push them open. Snack slinked in and walked towards the center. The bottom of his black cloak brushed against the cold grey floor. His head was lowed already with the hood of his cloak laying down on his shoulders and back. He walked out into the center of the room, so all of the Council could see him, as well as anyone who was in attendence.

    He went down to one knee, bowing his head deeply in respect for the elders of the Empire. He awaited to be acknowledged by any Council member before he began to speak, both out of respect and the mere fact that he still was not sure of what exactly he wanted to say.*

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    She regarded the Sith before her. Ogre's Apprentice, Darth Snack. There was much conflict inside his soul, his mind. This was where he wanted to be ... this was evident, but he was uncertain as to how to address the Council.

    "Rise, Darth Snack. Tell us why you're here."

    Dalethria would force him to speak his mind on whatever it was troubling the Knight before any more seconds ticked away.


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      *Slowly he stood up and looked at Dale. He gazed at the rest of the council, and lowerd his head once more in thought.*

      Thank you, Lordess Dalethria...

      *He paused, trying to buy time. He couldn't stall forever, so in a loud enough voice, he began to talk.*

      I am true to the Dark ways of the Force, and forever will be. Master Ogre did his job and drove any Light I had within myself...

      *Snack blinked a few times, lowering his head once more.*

      Yet, I feel.. that not many of us are true Sith. I, myself, do not feel that I am a true Sith...


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        An interesting notion. Was it not, Vega though, true that the true Sith eliminated each other out of competition? The strong destroy the weak to discard any lag placed on their goals.

        Head lowered down to give the Knight sight through his curtain of hair, he grinned darkly.


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          *Snack continued*

          ...I feel the title of Sith before my rank of Knight gives a false pretense... That I am living a lie.

          *He took a few seconds more grasping out to words which were not there, yet always present in his mind.*

          I want to learn the true ways of the Sith. Study how they once lived, acted, and what they were like as a culture...

          *Snack lifted his head up, confident in what he was about to say and ask. He looked at each of the council members there, and went on.*

          This is why I am here. I ask permission from the Council for two things: 1.) That the Sith Title I have as "Sith Knight" be stricken from my name to be only Knight, or Dark Knight; and 2.)that I be given the opprotunity to go out into the galaxy to try and discover the true ways of the ancient Sith...


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            Interesting words they were. Were they not. Was he, was Snack saying that he was not really a Sith? Or perhaps he was accusing most of those in the Empire not being Sith. Perhaps he was even accusing some of those on the Council as not true Sith. Certainly it was an insult to the training of which he had received from Lynchs fellow council member Ogre who had a reputation for being darker then most of those that inhabited the known vastness of space.

            "Exactly what are the true you know about them? In the past the ways were different from what they are now. If we continued to exist as we had then there not be as many of us as there are, there would be only two. Such a decree however ended in failure when one of the two turned light and destroyed his master. When there were many the Sith almost took over the universe under Naga Sadows leadership over a thousand years ago it ended with both the light and the dark diminished greatly for ages. However there still existed some who protected and kept our ways alive. Do you know about the Sith people? Know about who they were? How they lived? What came after them? Korriban? The Dark Lords?"

            Staring at Darth Snack the Sith Master never blinked once.
            "The true ways we already know"


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              Ogre remained silent, his countenance masked with an expression of indifference as he awaited Snack’s response to his comrade Lynch. Such answers would prove quite enlightening.


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                The only ways I know or have learned are from my teachings with my Father, the lies which the Jedi have told me, and what I have heard and learned here.

                *Snack kept his gaze at Lynch, not wavering or stuttering while he answered the questions asked before him.*

                I know that now is different than then. But how did the Sith as a race and culture live? Did they not, before Rogue Jedi tainted them, live together without a mass destruction within their own ranks?

                *The Knight kept his head up as he thought about Lynch's last set of questions. He looked over to his master, Ogre, then brought his eyes back on Sith Master Lynch.*

                Maybe that is why I am here today. To find out about the Sith people. To understand who they were and how they lived. To know what came after them.... and no, I do not know about Korriban, but did the Dark Lords come after The Sith Race was introduced with Rogue Jedi?


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                  Her own knowledge of the Sith was limited except for some readings and research that her and Ogre did together. Much history was lost through countless centuries of fighting and time swollowing up information for whatever reasons. What Snack wanted to do was quite the undertaking and not only serve for his own insights, but for any Sith's personal beliefs as well.

                  That is where the debate lies. Perhaps everything that the current Sith's culture is based on beliefs so far off the correct path that once was. Does that make it wrong? No. Will any truths discovered affect certain individual's. Maybe ...

                  Dalethria returned from her musings and waited to hear Lynch's answers to Snack's proposed questions.


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                    Silently Havok sat in his chair nodding his head slightly in reverence of the strength this individual showed in questioning his own faith before his council and peers, sensing the deep urgency from Darth Snack; a sense that was not foreign to himself.. As their was a day long ago when Havok addressed such a notion to himself.. As does everyone, though at first he chose to seek the answers to his queries on his own, deep within his own subconscious mind; that is where his inter turmoil lay in hiding. A battle which seems to have no end.. And in actuality, it is..

                    And why wouldn't it be? Does not every man, woman, and even child question their own ideals and beliefs? Some even on a daily basis…

                    Nodding to his master out of respect.. As he wished to address many of the topics which were being discussed at this moment.. After receiving a sign of acceptance he spoke..

                    "One must keep the faith." He speaks sharply, preparing to share his thoughts and feelings on the matters being discussed.. Not speaking only to one individual; the sentiment was meant more as of a reminder to all and even himself… Rising from his seat he moves slowly across the council room to address Snack, and everyone else in attendance as a whole..

                    "All of us are undoubtedly thinking on very similar wave lengths right now, though they couldn't possibly be one in the same.. At this very moment some of us could be questioning our own ideals, loyalties, and the very nature of our souls.. To this I say, seize the moment, always question your own instincts. For your own behavior is mediated by reactions below the conscious level.." pausing for but a moment, he continues on other topics which had been brought to the table..

                    "Many of the traditions of the dark arts have faded with the times, some for obvious reasons. And as we all know, with time comes change.. We have brought forth new traditions and alerted beliefs to soot ourselves then that of our forefathers. Though we still practice much of what once was. It would be nearly inconceivable that anyone within the our vast galaxy, holds true beliefs of those who lived many thousands of years ago.."

                    "Certainly one cannot teach another what to believe, and your instincts Snack, I believe are genuine.. You sense an inconsistency in yourself, a feeling there is so much more.. And as long as you harbor that feeling of incompleteness you are right in questioning the origin of your own faith.. I myself fully support the requests you've made. Whether you wish to weather the storm alone, or with the aid of another…"

                    Approaching Snack, he peers curiously into the Knights eyes and speaks to him aloud..

                    "One must reach a state of being free from doubt of their own faith, to hold firm convictions on every issue of their own beliefs.. One must prove only to thin self with absolute certainty where in their faith lies.. That - no book, or person could ever teach you. Though you have attained the rank of Knight, such a title is nothing more then just that.. A title.." Rising his right hand up to his chest, and placing it over his heart.. He says in closing. "Only when you know here, will the truth unveil itself unto you, and to each end there is always a new beginning." As he turns and walks slowly back to his seat..


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                      *The Sith apprentice watches from the shadows...he silently nods his assent when snack speaks, for these very doubts are the same that ferin himself had been having at home...he speaks to snack in his head...*

                      Snack, you have an ally in this endevor...i too am doubting our Sith beliefs.

                      *Ferin steps out into the council room lights...He looks at Dalethria, then to the rest of the council...he walks over to Snack, and takes up a position by his side. Ferin speaks...*

                      I apologize for this rude interuption, however, i feel i must also express my desire to join snack on his journey. I too am having doubts as to our beloved Sith beliefs...I feel, after my endevor on my home world with my brother, that i need find a purer interepertation of our get back to basics, so to speak.

                      *Ferin talks to Dale in his mind*

                      I'm sorry Dale...I know you are probably disappointed, but i've come to realize that I need to do what i feel needs to be done...i hope you can respect that.


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                        "Don't feel you are first or alone in questioning whether or not you are a true Sith. I believe a true Sith won't fully realize that they are one, but simply act as one. I call myself a Sith of the Sith Empire, because I was accepted by Sith here and because I serve for their dark causes. Should you accept everything that were the Sith then many of us would've killed each other by now, wouldn't we? ...and I believe those with similar causes should unite instead of conflicting with each other. Doesn't that sound reasonable? What did the old ways ever earn the Sith... the great Darths such as Vader and Maul, besides death by a measly Jedi's blade? Call me Sith or not, but I serve the Empire and it's dark cause. That's all I truly need.

                        Should you or anyone else need more, feel free to seek it."


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                          *Snack listened intently to Havok first. The Master’s words rang in his mind, and a sense of acceptance filled a small void, which became present in Snack’s soul. When Havok finished, Snack waited for him to sit down before replying.*

                          My loyalty is here; my faith is dark. That I do know. But I feel you are right, Master Havok, when you say there is an “incompleteness” within me; an “inconsistency.” I felt it when I was a Jedi Knight. It was stronger then, which leads me to believe that coming here was only the first step in whatever it is the Force wants me to seek or become.

                          *Snack took his gaze away from Havok in order to think things more thoroughly through. Just then, Ferin Cloudstalker made his presence felt. The apprentice to Lordess Dalethria and the brother of Neo Stryfe spoke up. He had been gone for quite some time along with his brother and did not return when Neo did. Why now? Shrugging that question aside, the Sith Knight listened to the young disciple speak.

                          Nuriko spoke after Ferin. Her words were very true and wise. It was very reasonable for those who wish to achieve the same outcome should ban together and unite, instead of bickering amongst themselves and killing each other off. The past had been plagued by that symptom. But that was not what Snack had worries over, nor questioned. It was the love, the friendship, the caring for other members of the Empire. True Sith did not love; they hate. They held no friendships, but only acquaintances. They did not care for others, yet … Maybe the “new” ways of the Sith were indeed better than those of the old. Everything changes. But Snack still had that feeling inside that told him, “Keep going. Strive for what you believe.” He had no idea what he really believed.

                          Letting a soft sigh out, he looked at Ferin.*

                          Ferin, as most of the Council has said, many have these thoughts. You are still young with a lot of training ahead of you. You have that time to learn the Dark Arts. What you may have as doubts are probably from inexperience. I am not saying you cannot come with me wherever I may venture as long as it is all right with your master, but do not jump right into something. It would be a learning experience, which would be valuable. However, I would recommend you to talk with your master, and train more before you make your solidify your doubts anymore…

                          *And there was that caring. No, not caring, but looking out for your fellow warrior. Making sure that he does not make the same mistakes as you did.*


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                            Her Apprentice's return wasn't a complete shock. His brother had made his presence known not too long ago, though it was uncertain where Ferin was.

                            Now she knew.

                            "I recommend following what Snack has advised you on Ferin but I will not discourage you in going with him if that is what you want. This will not be easy. Staying or leaving ... there will be hardships no matter where you go."


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                              *Ferin looks at snack, then to dale. He speaks...*

                              I shall stay a little longer...i shall continue my training for a while, and if i feel the need to leave after that, i shall. but i shall heed these words of warning, out of respect for all of you.

                              *Ferin turns with a respectful nod, and walks out of the council room to his own chambers.*