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    *The Sith Knight stood quietly in the council room, his black attire all but hiding him from sight, in amongst the shadows.. Not 15 minutes earlier, he had sent a message out to his apprentice, requesting his presence... MnT could be a patient man, but this was an important matter, and as such, he did not wish to be kept waiting..*

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    Tempist entered the council chamber, slighlty out of breath. It was evident that he had ran there from where ever he was.

    "Master, please excuse my lateness, I had to finish up a spar. How may I be of service?"


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      ... Come here Tempist..

      *As his apprentice approached, MnT flicked his right wrist, and a long, curved blade appeared in his hand.. A strange grin appeared across the Knight's face, as Tempist drew closer..*

      ... What do you supposse this is for..?


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        Tempist thought for a moment, and selected his words carefuly.

        "....perhaps as a sign of power, a blade like that is quite a deadly showpeice, perhaps a battle prize of yours."

        He knew he was probably incorrect, but no other answer came to mind.


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          ... You are half right, my Apprentice.. It is indeed a sign of power, of skill and strength.. However..

          *MnT flicked his hand once more, the blade being tossed into the air.. The weapon spun end over end at a rate that left even the best trained of eyes unable to see it as anything more than a blurred circle.. It rose, and fell, before being caught again by the Sith Knight..*

          ... You are wrong about it being a battle prize of mine.. Kneel, my apprentice..


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            Tempist droped to one knee, his head bowed slightly.


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              ... My Apprentice, you've been through numerous battles now, and have displayed exceptional strength, skill, and determination in each.. To fight not only two Jedi Knights, but also the infamous Hobgoblin, and fare as well as you have, is no small task.. But you've proven yourself, and in my opinion, earned this long ago, even if it Wasn't official..

              ... So rise now, Tempist Opps, Warrior of the Sith Empire..

              *As MnT awaited his apparentice's reaction, he held out both the blade, and a round object Tempist recognized as being the same as the Chaos Stone his master wore, motioning that they were for Tempist to take..*

              ... I crafted the blade for you.. It is called ****ai no Sawari, or "Touch of the Dead". As for the Chaos Stone, I give one to you just as my Master gave one to me, and just as Her Master gave one to Her.. You are now a part of this chain.. Just make sure I never have to take it back..


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                Tempist rose from his knee, with a small smile on his face. It was not customary for Sith to show happiness, so he had to fight back a much larger one. He took the blade and stone from his master. He quickly glanced over the blade, noting the fine craftsmanship of his master, who was a better blacksmith than he had said. He hung the blade at his side, and wore the stone, as his master had.

                "Thank you Master, I shall not fail you"

                He bowed very deeply, not knowing what else to do.

                ooc: thank you so much man, now i get to try to fit the role lol. i'll put the stone in my PP as soon as i can, im short of time right now. thanks again!


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                  :: Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial quietly observed the promotion of an apprentice by his master and she nodded to Tempist at the conclusion of the presentation ::

                  "Congratulations Sith Warrior Tempist Opps. May you continue to bring glory to the Empire as you forge a dark path in the galaxy."


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                    "Thank you Lordess, with any luck, that path will become a busy road, showing others the darkness as well."

                    He exited the room, he intended on storing his new blade somewhere safe, so he would never forget this day, although he didnt think that would be a problem.