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    The summons was sent out ... how all that was required was her Apprentice to come forth in the Council Room to hear what Dalethria had to say. She waited patiently in her seat amongst the other members of the Council.

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    I quietly walk into the council chamber... I had been summoned by my Mistress, for what, I did not know. It was not my business to know.

    I silently move into the room, and bow deeply to all those assembled, showing my respect to all present.

    My gazes finds its way to the ground at my feet, and they would stay that way unless requested otherwise. Again, done to show my respect for the council members.

    Likewise, I would not speak unless spoken to, doing otherwise would be disrespectful to my betters.

    And so, I stood there, waiting to see what my Mistress had in store for me.


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      "You may rise." Morino heard his Master's words and Dalethria then rose from her seat. Her cloak crawled down the steps leading to the Council Chairs as Dalethria made her way down to Morino.

      She could tell that her charge had no idea why the summons ... much like Miryan too, "Your training has gone exceptionally well, Morino. You have shown me power that has been locked away and have faced the enemy in battle. For this I grant you the title of Warrior for your service to the Empire.

      Congratulations, my Apprentice."

      OOC~ I know that battle with Jubei isn't finished. You have been active here and waited long enough. you deserve it I do suggest sparring in the training grounds later if you can if you want some more practice


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        *A soft, slow clapping echoed through the council room before the Sith Knight spoke*

        "Well done, Warrior Ryu. Congratulations."


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          (OOC: Thanks! That means alot Dale. I really appreciate it.)

          I raise my head up to look at her, my eyes widened, though it was barely perceptible. I bow deeply to Lady Dalethria, and then to the rest of the coucil that was assembled.

          "This is a great honor Lady Dalethria. You will not be sorry, I will not fail you. The greatest honor that I can ever recieve is to be able to serve you... and the Empire."

          I then bow to Raine, out of respect.

          "Thank you Knight Sarin..."

          I then bow one last time to Dalethria, silently showing my respect, honoring her as much as I could.

          "There is no greater honor than to serve you, Lady Dalethria...."


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            Congratulations and well earned, Morino. Represent the Warriors with honour.


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              :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to Morino ::

              "Congratulations on your promotion, Sith Warrior Morino Ryu."


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                Congratulations, Morino...


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                  (Jubei here)

                  Sorry for the delay in stuff...I don't check the ST forum very often...but I will try to continue our little duel. I'm enjoying it alot


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                    congrats man, good job


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                      Congratulations Morino, may your promotion further your developement with the dark side.


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                        "Well done." Were the two simple, yet effective for the situation, words uttered by the green Sith Master known as Ogre.


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                          With the slighest hint of a smile forming on her otherwise morbid visage, Taja bowed to the Apprentice of their shared Master.

                          "Congratulations, Warrior Ryu."


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                            I bow down deeply to Taja after she speaks. I could see the hint of a smile on her face. A faint smile could be seen on my own face as well...

                            "It has been too long Lady Taja... I am glad that you have returned, I have missed you greatly..."

                            I bow again to her respectfully, and again to all those that thought it was important enough to come to this event, giving them as much respect as I possibly could without actually speaking.