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  • In honor....

    Athena moved from the Med Bay where her shoulder was reset and left to heal. She was not 100% better but she figured she has waited long enough. She moved gracfully across the hard floors of the council room. She nodded to all of the council members before kneeling infront of Dara Shadowtide, her master.

    Athena's head lowered as she kneeled upon her left knee. Her right knee helping to keep her balance as her left shoulder was still in a sling.

    Athena finally spoke to her master in a low tone. I have come to honor your teaching my master. As well I have <a href=>returned</a> from the battle fields. With the blood of yet another hurt jedi by my hands.

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    :: Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial saw her apprentice approach slowly from the back of the chamber. Athena's step was deliberate yet in knowing her apprentice so well, Dara noted that the Sith Warrior was trying to mask injuries of some sort.

    The words of her apprentice rang in the room as Dara felt pride in Athena's accomplishments on behalf of the Empire. The Lordess looked upon Athena and nodded in approval before walking forward to address her loyal apprentice ::

    "Athena, I have received a hololog of your battle with the Jedi for the glory of the Empire. Tell me, did his blood soak the ground by your hand?"


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      Athena had not yet moved her kneeling postion.

      She spoke with in a cool and dark tone.

      " Yes master. His blood dripped to the floor from at least 3 wounds. One of the better being a dagger wound to the ribs. My blade wripped into his flesh and as he pulled it out the seratted (SP) blade shreaded his muscles and flesh."


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        :: Dara nodded once more as she looked upon her apprentice ::

        "Excellent. The blood of the Jedi shall flow freely as they face members of the Empire. I am proud of your skills in battle, my apprentice. You continue to bring honor to yourself, the Empire and your Master. You may rise, Athena."


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          Athena finally stood after hearing her masters words. She nods once to her master then turned to leave, in the same manner she had arrived.