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Casting of shadows

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  • Casting of shadows

    The rain hit the fllor hard outside the council room, the rain was as hard as nails raining down apon them, small bits of ice, belted down with the rain burning the skin of Sieken....after a moment the doors opend and a hooded chracter enterd the chambers....

    The ecoes of steps conquerd the room...and then silence...

    'I return with a request' said Sieken...

    ' I wish of another master to guid me futher into the darkness and direct me to my destiny, Master Vega and i are not getting along as well as we used to..' he said side smiling...

    he knelt before the panal of Masters and Lordesses waiting a reply

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    "'Not getting along'? Explain this, if you would."

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      OOC: we have had some OOC probs that i dont wish to discuss if that is okay...


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        OOC: All righty.

        She could sense his thoughts. It was something he couldn't bring himself to delve into. "So be it. Who would you choose?"


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          Vega watches silently from the side of the Council Room, a dark smirk across his face as he listens to his former apprentices request.