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  • Lady Vader

    Drackor walked in looking around. He was slightly dizzy still as he looked around.

    "Lady Vader mistress I dont know why we stopped training after I lost the fight. I get the impression you are disappointed? Well if you dont want to train me I'll understand."

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    Tell me...of this defeat you suffered?


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      *The Voice of Lord Firebird is heard in the room.*
      <font color=red>Anabiraa, I don't think this busness is any of your concern. I suggest you leave now before you get into trouble.</font>


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        Mind your tongue, ignorant fool!

        :: Anbiraa whirled to stare Firebird in the eye ::

        I share the Lady's council in all things, including her prodigies. Indeed it is of great concern to me, Lord Firebird. Now, I fail to see your own stake in this affair, or are you so nonplussed at me that you are resorting to petty words in your ill-placed grudge?

        :: The clone smiled ::


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          Re: Lady Vader

          No, Drackor. I am not disappointed in you, nor in the way you have shown progress.

          Up until now, you have done all that I have asked of you, and even then some.

          *She looked between Anbiraa and Firebird. Then an idea hit her.*

          *She walked up to Drackor, and placed a hand on his shoulder.*

          You have fought some already, and no doubt your power has grown not only because of the experience with the fights, but because of the time it has had to grow and brew within you.

          How do you feel about taking up a new challenge, as part of your training of course. Something more... difficult and taxing. A fight which will force you to use the power you have in the dark side. A fight which if you make the slightest of errors can cost you your life.

          *She looked at him in the eye. She wanted to see if he had what it took to be a Sith. Fearless, cunning, ruthlessness. She knew he had all this. But he needed to know it himself. No one could do it for him. She hoped this new training exercise would open himself up to his true potential.*


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            *Anabiraa turns to face a cloaked individual that appears to be Lord Firebird. And even he can hear Lord Firebird's Voice comming from the creature, except that it is really loud and distorted.*

            <font color=red>The only grudge I have against you is the fact you attacked me for no reason, I suggest we leave it at that for now.</font>


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              :: The clone's right eyebrow raised ::

              You underestimate your Sith brethren. Me? Attack you? Twas a simple act of body language. If I felt compelled to attack a would be dead from my will alone.

              :: He smiled, turning away, and back to LV ::

              But yes. Leave it at that. The Empire would surely not profit from your needless loss.

              :: He glanced back ::

              The Lady and I have business to speak of. You were...leaving?

              :: Anbiraa smiled once more, staring covetously at his lover ::


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                *Though LV wanted to feed the hunger within Anbiraa, she knew now was neither the place nor the time. She looked at both Anbiraa and Firebird sternly.*

                I'd appreciate it if you'd take your argument somewhere else and spare me the squabling.

                Drackor called me here and I came. I can understand why Anbiraa showed, but I do not understand your presnence here, Firebird.

                *She waved her hand, irritated.*

                It matters not.

                *She looked at Anbiraa, her expression softening slightly.*

                I request you join me.

                *She turned towards Firebird, nodding her head in respect.*

                Until we meet again, Lord Firebird.

                *Turning to Drackor, she addressed him.*

                Come, Drackor, we are going to continue your training.

                *With that, she turned, leading Drackor towards the <a href=''>Training Grounds</a>, followed by Anbiraa.*


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                  "Yes, Yes mam" Drackor replied and followed her. Drackor was scared slightly for his life but he was still going to fight his opponent who or whatever it may be.