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From Out of Nowhere: The Return.

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  • From Out of Nowhere: The Return.

    [c] Extreme outer orbit, Munto Cudro. One day after the completion of the Crimson Death.[/c]

    From out of nowhere, a moderately sized fleet of warships suddenly rip through the very fabric of reality and begin decelerating from their exiting of Hyperspace. Not far behind them is a massive twenty-four and a half kilometre star destroyer pained black with crimson along its enormous hull. Dropping from the head ship in the fleet, a Super Star Destroyer, a shuttle exits from the main shuttlebay and begins to near the Munto Cudro defense perimeter while the larger warfleet slowly nears.

    Back in the council room, the main holoprojector humms to life and a life-sized hologram of Varlon appears, obviously projected from the cockpit of his personal craft, the Dark Brood. "This is Sith Knight Varlon Konrad of the Dayark Apocalypse project team reporting mission successful. Requesting permission to land at the main Spaceport and for permission for the fleet to take up positions in orbit." His voice came in a slightly excited tone, for reasons easily mistaken.

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      With a gentle hiss, the landing ramp on the Dark Brood lowered to the ground, settling with a quiet thump. Varlon slowly descended down the modified Lambda shuttle's landing ramp, his boots making a ringing clank with each step. Reaching the landing at the base of the ramp, the Knight bowed his head to Nuriko and then spoke.

      "Sith Knight Varlon Konrad representing the Sith Empire's fleet command," He spoke softly as he straightened. "I wish to speak with the council as a whole, Mistress Sha."


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        *LV came up behind Nuri, addressing Varlon.*

        Then by all means, step into the Council room.

        *With that, she turned and headed towards the said room.*


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          Without a word, the Knight stepped forward and started down the main entrance hallway towards the council room, his black cloak rippling on an artificial wind. He came to a halt as he reached the center of the council room and awaited his command to speak.


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            Upon his request the Council was convened..

            “What is you have for us today..” Havok said after respectfully nodding to the members and Varlon before he spoke..


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              "Twin death," Varlon said and paused, watching and smirking at the confused faces of the council. "The Apocalypse and Crimson Death command star destroyers both now hang in orbit around this very planet. Each of these star destroyers is a city in itself, each a massive twenty-four and a half kilometres and bristling with more firepower and shielding than any ship since the Death Star's, Argus Stations, and any superlaser wielding craft.

              "And they are now the crown jewels of our fleets."


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                “Impressive..” he says, as he leans back in his chair..


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                  *LV steepled her fingers.*

                  Nice work, Varlon. This is pleasing news.


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                    Sitting motionless in her chair, Dalethria listened to Varlon and smiled upon hearing that the Empire's newest weapons were complete.