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Fortitude or Folly: Dyne’s test (closed)

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  • Fortitude or Folly: Dyne’s test (closed)

    It had been several days since the previous happenings in the <a href=>Council Room</a> had come to a close. It had been decided by Ogre, Lynch, Dyne, and his former Master Dara Rayial that the newly returned Sith would be tested to prove his intentions to return to the empire.

    The decision to do so had been controversial and many had objected to it, but the object of the test had agreed, so it would come to pass, and that test was now prepared for the former Sith Knight. All that was still required was the presence of those who were to be involved.

    Ogre himself stood in the now empty council room, waiting, perhaps patiently, perhaps not. Judging his emotions by outward appearance was a difficult thing at best. His tusks and teeth made him look viciously mean all the time. Those who were to be a part of this knew that the time would soon come, when the meeting in this same room had concluded several days ago, and Ogre could sense heir individual presences throughout different parts of the facility that the Sith of the Empire called their base of operations.

    Now he would send out the call, through the facilities that the Darkside provided him. Each of them would hear the same message and each of them would know its source.

    ”Come to the Council Room, it is time we got underway on that which has been deemed to happen, Dyne’s test starts today.”

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    :: Sitting in her study in the quarters she shared with her husband, Lord Sumor Rayial, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial looked over her holopads and reviewed her tasks for the day. She had several apprentice sessions to attend to as well as a luncheon meeting in Rama's.

    As she rose from her chair and walked to the holowindow, she gazed out at a picturesque scene being transmitted from her homeworld of Garqi. The ocean waves crashed up against the cliffs as the shoreline seemed to stretch forever.

    Dara saw the rays of the setting sun shimmering on the dark ocean waters and her thoughts began to wander.. until she heard the voice of Ogre in her mind ::

    < Come to the Council Room, it is time we got underway on that which has been deemed to happen, Dyne’s test starts today. >

    :: Dara nodded to herself, knowing that this day would come soon enough. She was confident that Dyne would show that the training he received from her while at the Empire was still evident in the skills he displayed and would earn his admittance back into TSE.

    The Lordess gathered her things and then departed for the Council room. Her black leather boots treaded silently down the hallway as curious thoughts filled her mind regarding the test itself for Dyne. With a small gesture of the thumb and first two fingers on her right hand, the large door slowly opened and she stepped inside.

    Lordess Shadowtide Rayial walked to the front of the room where she nodded to Sith Master Ogre Mal Pannis and then stood awaiting the arrival of her apprentice, her hands folded behind her back and her eyes flashing crimson before fading to black ::


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      After the events in the council room, Dyne was given a waiting quarters to relax and freshen himself up. He spent most of the time meditating in the Dark Side. Dyne looked out the window of his room, knowing that his skills thus far would come into play soon. Quietly awaiting in the designated location, he finally recieved word from Sith Master Ogre Mal Pannis. His message could be heard to Dyne through the Force. He knew it was the time for judgement for him. Leaving the small waiting room, Dyne made his way down the long hallway which led to the Council Room. The hallway was empty and extremely quiet, it seemed everyone else were not even in the building.

      A hood covered his head and face as his boots echoed in the hallway. He was suited in his normal attire for the test. A chilling breeze seemed to be flowing through the area as his cape fluttered. Several thoughts were flowing through his mind but Dyne cleared them out for now. He had to keep all his focus and concentration on the test ahead of him. Failure was not an option for Dyne and he knew this. What was in store for him in the test was a mystery in itself. Whatever Dyne would be up against, it would prove him worthy to join again if he were to succeed.

      Dyne would not fail though, he was determined to pass whatever it was that the council deemed appropriate. His two metallic lightsabres hanged on the weapons belt around his waist. They shined under the lights of the hallway he was walking in. Arriving at the large doors, they opened up as Dyne was scanned thoroughly. He walked into the great room, seeing the Sith Master himself as well as his Master. Walking to the middle, he bowed in respect to both. Dyne patiently awaited for them to speak as they knew what he was here for.


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        The participants were now assembled. Dara and her former apprentice stood beside and before the Sith Master, awaiting whatever was to come next. It was to be a test to see if Dyne still possessed what it was to be considered a Sith of the Empire, and it was Ogre’s task to administer that test.

        His tusked face nodded in recognition to each of them, but he spoke no words, at least none that either of them would understand. Because shortly after they were both there, he began to chant in an ancient tongue. One that very few understood. It was a language used by the ancient Sith, a language now only used to invoke Sith Majicks.

        Ogre’s eyes closed as the pitch of his voice deepened and became more voluminous, echoing throughout the almost empty chamber, reverberating off the walls and filling the ears of Dara and Dyne with the strange tongue he spoke.

        Their sight seemed to become cloudy and unclear. It appeared as if the room was filling with a dark black mist and the air became very cold and damp. In but only a minute’s time, they could no longer even see the floor beneath their feet, or the walls and furnishings of the room which they had previously occupied.

        Their body weight seemed to suddenly leave and the feelings within their stomachs told each of them that they were now without gravity, feeling as if they were floating in the black mist that engulfed them.

        All feelings of familiarity and comfort fled from their minds and bodies, as they could no longer feel any force signatures of other members of the Empire around, save the three that were in attendance. Were they even within the walls of the Sith Empire Head Quarters any longer? It certainly didn’t feel as if they were.

        Ogre’s chant continued.


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          Fortitude or Folly: Dyne’s test (closed)

          Dyne was surrounded by the black mist as he looked around him. All was gone in the area, besides them three. All he knew was that this had to be part of his test. Everything was gone out of sight that was in the Council Room. It didn't even seem like he was in the same room anymore. The temperature seemed to have fallen greatly as it was chilling now.

          As he was breathing, he could see his breath as condensed water vapor since it was so cold now. Dyne was just in anticipation of his test now, that was where his total focus was. It looked as if they were in another dimension from the way things were developing. Dyne stood there, motionless and did not say any word to break the silence. There was not even one source of sound in the whole area.

          He looked ahead of him to see the Sith Master's eyes closed in chanting. Of course, Dyne didn't understand much of anything that Ogre was chanting. His master was looking around as well, but was extremely calm in the situation. She was a veteran Sith, so it would be obvious that she would look calm. Dyne nodded to her, awaiting what was to come next.


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            :: As the eerie mist billowed mysteriously into the room and the climate dropped to a bone chilling temperature, Dara's attention was drawn to the rhythmic chanting from the massive green Sith Master. Each vocal inflection by Ogre causing the council chamber to fade away as the stage for the test was moving ominously to the forefront.

            As the resonant tones crescendoed and filled the chamber, she felt herself become weightless. The Lordess had only experienced a similar sensation to this one other time when Sith Master Saurron had guided her to the location of an ancient Sith Sword that he wanted to present to her.

            Her thoughts of that day slipped away as the sound of Ogre's dialect continued to affect her with its lulling and haunting pitch. Returning to the matter at hand, Dara next realized all that she knew to exist seemed to fade away to nothingness. Her vision obscured, her connection to the Dark Side altered, and her curiosity building, Dara nodded to Dyne and then glanced around the room at the ever changing surroundings ::


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              His chant continued, not growing any lower in volume or changing any in its rhythmic pace. His eyes were closed, but Dyne and Dara were looking around curiously, neither of them had seen this form of Sith Sorcery at work before and neither of them knew what was going on. Were they still in the Council Room, or were they somewhere else? It seemed that the later was the most likely conclusion from what the Darkside and their physical senses told them.

              Something strange occurred, that each of the two ‘travelers’ noticed. They both saw, or more accurately, failed to see the other. There sense of each other through the Force also became clouded and no longer present, as they felt and noticed that they were separated, not able to see the other, and not able to see Ogre either, though they could still hear the chant.

              Their individual surroundings were the same as they had been, dark, cold, and misty, an odd feeling of weightlessness prevailing over their bodies.


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                Dara simply had faded away from his sight and Force recognition. The Sith Master was showing some powerful form of sorcery indeed. Dyne did not know what he was going to be pitted against next. This was the first time a member was put to a test this way. Standing in the vastness of the darkness, he could feel the cold air getting harsher. Hearing Ogre chant out louder now, Dyne had a feeling that something was about to come to play.

                He floated around in the dark mist slowly. There was nothing of significance to be seen yet. All was a dark void in Dyne's eyes. He was not sure if his master was in the same position or dealing with something else completely different. This had to certainly be some of the extreme powers of the Dark Side. He awaited patiently, knowing a clear mind and a good focus was needed now. Was this all an hallucination from the Sith Sorcery? Only time would be able to tell now.


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                  :: As Dyne faded from her view, Dara felt a tingling spiral up and down her spine. The Lordess could no longer see anyone or anything in the familiar Council Room.. if she was still even there. Ogre's Sith Magick was indeed powerful and not fully realizing her role in this trial of her apprentice's, she tried to reach out via the Dark Side to ascertain her surroundings but was met with obscured visions and odd sensations.

                  The opaque mist billowed all around her as she lingered in the abyss of space and time, yet the only constant in this mysterious event unfolding before her, was the sound of Ogre's chanting. Dara moved her hands down to the twin saber hilts dangling from her belt and extended her Dark Side senses all around her ::


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                    The mists around each of the now separated Sith began to draw back and reveal that indeed they were no longer in the Council room. The terrain that each of them saw was drastically different.

                    Dyne could see a thick forest, his ears beginning to fill with the sounds of the various animals that inhabited it. He could see nor feel any sign of his former Master, but he could still feel the presence of the Sith Master known as Ogre with him, though he could not see the massive green beast.

                    Dara found herself standing on what seemed to be a single column of stone, as the cold mists drew back and disappeared. It stood about 2 meters tall from where it protruded from an immense pool of boiling and bubbling molten lava. No other land could be seen with the naked eye in any direction. She also was in the same predicament as Dyne, unable to feel the man who would wish to return to the Sith within the Darkside, but still able to Sense Ogre’s presence, a presence, which seemed to be coming from all direction, not any specific point.

                    The deep familiar voice rang in Dyne’s head. ”You must seek out your former Master, dyne, for she is in great danger.’

                    With the voice came an image, an image of Dara’s current situation, upon paying attention to detail, it could be seen that the column of stone was sinking, albeit very slowly.

                    ”You have two hours to locate and help Dara, the only tools available to you are what you carry, and what the environment provides.” Came Ogre’s final message after dyne had the image shown to him, an image, which remained in his mind’s eye for a great deal of time, for him to study.