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Address the Council: Resume

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  • Address the Council: Resume

    :: Rama walks to the middle of the room, and then begins to speak. ::

    I come before you know to annouce that I would like to be considered for a council seat. The recently departed Master's Lynch's seat has come open. It was I who gave Lynch his seat, he inheirted my powers after I left. For a long while I became jaded at the thought of being part of the council, but in my time away....I have found myself missing makeing those decsions that caused me so much stress in those days. I know this does not mean I will get the is up to the council as is everything, but I do have the knowledge and expeince needed for this job. I would only asked that I be considered.........

    :: Rama bows, but keeps an eye ever ready for "the Gatecrasher" ::

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    Nuriko sits still, eyeing her husband and hoping his words will get through to the rest of the council. There was no question among anyone that with a now imcomplete council, she wanted him back among them.

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      Upon hearing Rama's request, the Sith Knight made his way to the council room. Although his words wouldn't carry much weight, he felt obligated to have them heard. Entering the council room, he sees Rama facing the coucil, having completed his request. Walking slowly to the center of the room, so that he may address the coucil, he lowered himself to one knee, before rising and speaking.

      "Although I am but a Knight, I would like to express that I support Rama's request. I know my words will not sway the decision, or even be part of the decision making process. He has been loyal to the Empire throughout my tenure here, and has fought valiantly for it's cause. His leadership was once a strong part of the Empire. With the vacant seat caused by Jedah's departure, there is a void among us, and he will easily fill that void and then some. I urge you to consider his request. That is all I have to say."


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        He said plainly and simple, knowing that it wasn't his decision alone.

        "It will be considered."


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          :: Rama noded and move back from the center of the room towards Laran. He spoke in low tone.....also in a whisper, but it was even lower then that. If he had not wanted Laran to hear, he wouldn't have. ::

          "That took guts kid...........some people don't share your confidence in me."

          :: He looked back and forth and then back to Laran. ::

          "Stick with me.......I'll make you famous."


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            An excellent decision. I wholeheartedly support the Sha's ascention. He would represent the mighty Sith well.

            :: Anbiraa smiled ::


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              *She was still hurting that Lynch had left, but it was true there was a vacancy that needed filling. And after hearing Rama's words, her gut told her he would fill that void.*

              *And yet, she knew this was something that needed considering among all the m,embers, so at the moment, she would keep her thought to herself.*

              Rama, you have spoken well, and yes, you will be condsidered.


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                “Such a request should and will be put into deliberations amongst the council members..”

                It was strange thought Havok, how the balance of powers had changed so much in his time with the Empire.. This was indeed a man of experience, as he was a named leader of this Empire long before Havok had even become apart of this organization.. He speculated with himself as to what the conclusion might be in this matter..


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                  *Even though the times had changed it doesn't matter. Lord Firebird thought to himself. He then walks over toward his master, and kneels in front of him.*

                  I also support Rama Sha, Sith Master. I believe that his experance will help us in the times ahead. He has been here longer then most of us, and has shown that he can lead TSE to greatness.


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                    Go daddy!!


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                      :: Dara furrowed her brow and glanced over at Anbiraa, curious as to why a non-member would comment on what was a TSE matter only. She dismissed the oddity of that and returned her attention to the important situation regarding the future of the Empire to which she served loyally ::

                      "I also support Rama Sha being re-appointed to the Council of the Empire. He built this group from the ground up and truly cares about its future. I believe he will continue to work for the betterment of this organization and provide ideas that will only serve to increase TSE's holdings in the galaxy."


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                        Um Excuse me.......

                        :: Rama steps forward. ::

                        I don't mean to interup any disscussion on this matter, but if your haveing trouble decideing................why not let the people of the Empire decide for you? I would be willing to put my fate in their hands, and isn't the council suppose to be a cross refrence of the people to properly represent them?

                        So if it pleases the council, I would be willing to lift this tough descsion off your shoulders.


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                          "That's an excellent idea. The people made the council in the first place. Let them decide if you deserve a chair or not."

                          She looked towards her fellow council. "Any objections?"


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                            "I do not object to letting the members decide." Came his deep voice, which had remained silent until now. His features obscured by the shadows in the room, but displaying no sign of any emotion.


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                              "And I do not mind hearing what the Empire wishes as well."