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The Summoning ~ (Slayn)

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  • The Summoning ~ (Slayn)

    :: The Council room was quiet as Trace stepped before those of the council and turned towards the entryway to the room. He had something that he wished to do this day, and this was the right place for it. What he was planning was not something that would be uncommon in this place, but it was an event that demanded public action, for all to see, for all to hear, for all to know.

    His dark colored leather trench coat hung, unmoving from his shoulders, concealing his sabers and all other items on his person under its black sheen surface. His arms were folded across his chest as his voice broke the silence in the room. ::

    “Slayn Rainer! I call you forth before the Council and all the members of the Sith Empire.”

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    * This day wasn't unlike the rest. Slayn was meditating on the training grounds. He was very much in tune with the force and the emotions of passers bye. At the heart of this he tried to keep himself aware of his master. Slayn had been training intensely in the forest Surrounding the training grounds. As he pondered his next attempts he felt something. It was his master and he had called for him. Slayn rose and departed for the council room. He knew exactly wear to go the force was very much a part of him now. He stepped out behind his master his hands behind his back. Bowing his head slightly to Trace Slayn spoke in a softened mad voice. *

    My presence was requested dear master...?


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      :: He turned slowly and faced his disciple, his pale features catching the low level of light in the room and reflecting them eerily, the dark paint under his left eye making only the pupil of it stand out in the dim light. ::

      “Stand proud apprentice. Tell me why you think I have called you here.”


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        * Slayn changed posture he now stood as was so often common of him. Very stiffly and a bit dramatic to the surrounding areas; It always maid something of a contrast. He stood out in the dark his pale skin catching every drop of light. His silver hair marking a strange glow in it. He spoke to his master calmly. *

        To speak with me master...?

        * Slayn's eyes widened just a little as he added. *

        First... I would like to present you master... with a gift. I have stumbled quite suddenly onto a new power...

        * The sith's head came back down and his eyes shut. There was nothing living in the council room that would give into his new power and be manipulated. Slayn chose to then sacrifice some of his own life. He shutter just a little as his breathing changed with he pain. He had no idea it would hurt this much. A small amount of the darkness floated out of his chest it looked like ink being dropped into water. A small ball gathered in front of him. It was no bigger than a soft ball but had weaken Slayn deeply. He then lifted his head and concentrated. Using both his new power and the force this ball took shape. It was a raven. It fluttered to the ground and then back up at Trace hopping around on the floor at his feet Slayn laughed. *


        * The bird then took to the air again and perched itself on Trace's arm as he held it out. *

        It is only held together through my hold over it. I'm afraid if I lose my concentration or leave it will them return to it's state of darkness then disappear. Although it is only temporary it is a gift for you sier...

        * Slayn struggled to keep his hold on his power and speak. He looked on at Trace silently. *


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          Dalethria watched quietly from her Council Chair to witness this little ... interrogation of her own Apprentice's Disciple.


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            :: The flow of the Dark Side was universal in many ways, but in very different. The ways to tap hatred and anger to fuel desire were as numerous as stars in the sky, and one with heightened feelings could seemingly hear the strings of the universe vibrate in a million different harmonies at once, each string plucked by a different soul in a different key. In the company of so many darkside-adept in the Empire, the symphonies never ended, and Anbiraa had often locked himself in his own room, convulsing madly...unable to take all of the noise in his mind. Perhaps it was his Original's nature, or perhaps it was Master Lynch's grand design that made the neverending sounds in Anbiraa's mind, but he could nevertheless hear every pull on the dark side around him.

            The clone stood in his chambers, facing a full-length mirror, and looking at his own scratch-marks across his body, where his deviant hands had locked themselves in deadly embrace against his own will, it seemed. He'd sealed himself off from his mistress, mortified to reveal such weakness to one whom he coveted so fiercely. His jealousy of her was already overwhelming...should she know of the songs in his mind, it would only infuriate himself more.

            The convulsions had stopped, and Anbiraa had spent the past day in relative control over his environment. The thousands of gibbering voices of the dark side were tolerable today, and Anbiraa felt confident to leave his abode. He slid his armor on, and examined himself, accepting no less than the pinnacle of existence that he undoubtedly was. Soon enough, he would ignore the choir of the ignorant. The dark side served a myriad of others, but such would soon not concern him.

            Anbiraa exited his quarters, and began to approach the council room. However, before he reached it, a most terrifying string of the Dark Side was a key that the mad clone thought only he could play! Seemingly instantaneously, Anbiraa dropped to the ground, glove hands clawing at his own temples as a vein bulged on his forehead. Maddened glazed eyes widened, as his mouth contorted into a scream. ::

            <font size=40>AAAGGGHHH!!</font>

            :: Anbiraa's body twitched and jerked out of control, as blood ran from his ears. The clone tried to drown out the sound by striking at the stone walls of the hallway, his fists shattering sections of marble edifice in vain to quash the infuriating hum in his mind. He could hear him!!! In the council room....a disciple was drawing on his own life essence, pulling it away from his pool of vigor! Anbiraa tried in vain to separate his sense from what he felt, but could not.

            The clone fell into a maddening seizure, infuriated that any simpering fool would draw his own life force...the same art that Shin Kikoho descended from. ::


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              *LV sat in her seat next to dale, watching what Slayn did. It was impressive to say the least. She would have to look into the study of this form of Force use in her spare time.*

              *She was watching the bird and Slayn when the scream hit her full force. It wasn't so much the audible sound her ears picked up, but the echo it left in her mind. She winced slightly, blcoking most of it with the Force.*

              *She knew where it had emitted, and who had emitted it. But it was not her place at the moment to tend to it. Yet, she itched to go see. Wriggling in her seat a little, she put her eyes bak on the proceedings in the Council. But she could not keep her mind from slipping to what had occured outside.*


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                A quick sharp and piercing pain ran across her left eye with forced it to twitch. It was so fast that even Dalethria herself barely noticed it if not for the pain that she felt. Then came the resounding scream that was far from the Council Room.

                She wasn't sure what to make of it and looked over at Lady Vader. Her fellow Council member was hard to read but Dalethria could tell that what had just happened affected her a little more then just hearing the yell.

                Focusing back to her Apprentice and Slayn, she rested an elbow on the arm of her chair and consciously played with her earing ... trying to keep her thoughts on the present ... not trying to dwell on the future.


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                  ::This most a most unusual thing, using the Force to manifest something that appeared completely real. Trace found himself even more surprised than he was at his silent witnessing of Slayn’s most recent confrontation. A confrontation with one whom, he himself had a small altercation with once in the past.

                  The struggle this manifestation caused Slayn was easily apparent on the Disciple’s face and in his presence in the Force. He looked up from the bird on his arm, to his Disciple. ::

                  “Yes, that answer is correct, but not complete.”

                  :: He paused for a second and looked back over his shoulder as he heard the scream of agony echo through the headquarters and send ripples through the Darkside. He didn’t recognize the Force signature, but it did seem to be a very strong one. Nothing followed the sound, so Trace decided to continue, but remained alert as to the distinct signature in the Dakside that it emanated from. ::

                  “Today is the day that I inform you of your recognition. Recognition of what you have accomplished, which by the looks of things…” :: he looked down at the bird on his arm and then back up at Slayn :: “…is even more than I was aware. From this moment, you are now a Warrior of the Empire. Your skills have progressed well and will continue to, of that I am certain.”


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                    *Raine watched silently from the shadows, intrigued by what he saw. He winced slightly at the sound of the scream and then frowned deeply, the frown faded however when he heard Trace's words. It was then that he spoke up.*

                    "Congratulations Slayn.."


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                      :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial stood unaffected by the chilling sounds which surrounded the events unfolding before the members in the Council Room. After the announcement by Sith Knight Trace Sha, she turned and nodded to Slayn ::

                      "Congratulations on your promotion, Sith Warrior Slayn Cloak."


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                        A smile came over Slayn's face and a small laugh came from deep inside his body.


                        I have pleased my master.

                        "I am glad I have pleased you dear Master."

                        Slayn turned and began to leave the room. He was now a warrior. It was nice to have the title, but more importantly, he had served his Master well. The newly appointed warrior had left the room and his hold over the bird should have dispelled. The raven perched on the arm of Trace Sha as it would serve as a companion to him until death.


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                          Congrats Slayn....


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                            In attendance stood Rothmar Dujek. As the new Sith Warrior Slayn passed by he greeted him with a nod, "Congratulations!"


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                              *LV stood and addressed Slayn before he walked out.*

                              Congratulations, Slayn. Continue to serve the Empire as you have been doing.

                              *Then she looked at the raven still perched on Trace's arm. It was impressive skill, and she was intrigued by it.*

                              *Then, remembering what had occured outside, she bowed to the Council.*

                              I take my leave of you.

                              *With that, she slid out away from her seat, and exited the Council chambers. She would seek out the one that had left the echo in her mind of pain and envy.*