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  • Requiem: An Heir

    [OOC: Edited for improved continuity.]

    A cloaked stranger stood at the main entrance to the Sith Empire's Palace, his pallid hand knocking at the unmoving doors. There was rain beating down all around him, splashing up and leaving puddles behind in it's wake. The man was seemingly unbothered by the cold liquid. He could sense someone listening in behind the doors. A guard perhaps...

    "I come bearing a message for Slayn Rainer!" His voice must have projected into the confines of the palace. It was unnatural, but then again, so was this man behind the shadowed cloak. "His father is gravely ill." Thunder struck high up into the sky, streaking towards the ground and erupting in a mass of flames upon touching a tree off in the far distance. "Time is of the essence..." The pale man held something in his left hand. It was long, cylindrical, and wrapped in black cloth.

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    Jeseth had been expecting a guard or a common TSE foot soldier, not a council member to open the door but one did. Nuriko Sha. "Come in," she said simply. She allowed him to past her. "Try anything," she said matter-of-factly. "...and your throat will be slit in a second."

    Jeseth looked around and could see guards and other Sith in the shadows around him.

    "One of you!" she commanded. "Summon Slayn Rainer." Nuriko watched the guard leave and then narrowed her eyes, keeping a close watch on Jeseth.

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      The man walked inside, then pulled back his cloak. The pale face that emerged was not Jeseth's. This man's eyes were white and gray, his cheek bones raised up close to them.

      "I am to deliver this message."

      He bowed to his knees and set the thick cylinder down on the ground, pulling away the cloth covering. It shimmered bright silver, streaks of ruby red trailing down its sides, finally meeting up with two solid onyx bands at either end of the tube. There was no sign of fear within this messenger's heart. He knew not anything of the Sith Empire's workings, or its council. To him, this was merely an errand, and he had not too long ago abandoned his instincts for self-preservation. The wild gaze that the man’s eyes seemed to cast about was proof enough of his insanity.

      "I've seen you before." His head turned up to Nuriko. "My master watched images of you suspended within light once. Were you close with him?"


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        *LV came up quietly behind Nuri.*

        I take it all is under control?

        *Then she saw the cyndrilical object. She looked at it, examining it's curves.*

        *Then she looked up at the messenger. He had a familier aura to him, but his physical features did not surface a memory. But there was still that aura about him.*


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          * Slayn had received word of his message and entered the room. He approached the Mistress Sha and spoke. *

          My attendance was requested Mistress ?

          * He bow his head as he spoke. *


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            The man looked up at Rainer, then grinned. His quest had come to an end at last. He would soon be a free man once again.

            "I have requested your presence, young Slayn. Your father is dying. He asked that I bring you this message."

            The slave's hands streamed down the length of the projector, his fingers coming to rest upon two small switches at it's base. It clicked, an explosion of light pouring forth into the center of the room. The blue shimmering figure was that of Jeseth Cloak. It stood at nearly 8 feet, very disproportionate to the man's true height and physical stature.

            <font color=lightblue size=1>"By now you must realize that you have no past. You do things with no explanations for your motivations, and you act without thinking. Your presence in the Force is considerably stronger than that of most of your peers. I would have much rather you waited out the natural length of time which was placed within you, so that your memories would be slowly triggered, but I unfortunately am no longer able to ensure that all goes as planned. I am then left with no choice other than this."

            A beam of light shot from the bottom of the canister, beaming towards Slayn's crimson eyes. Images flashed, and memories. Thoughts and words coming at billions of pixels per second. Most of it repeated, but it was a pattern of learning that would be familiar to Slayn... very familiar.

            Cloned... - Jeseth... - Cloak... - Father... - Decipher... - The... - Sith... - Mother... - Fire... - Hazzard... - DNA ... - Final... - Prototype... - Find... - Cure... - Jeseth... - Cloak... - Trace... - Sha... - Train... - Recover... - Cure... - Eternity... - Speed... - Will... - Let... - Nothing... - Stand... - In... - Your... - Way... - Jedi... - Sith... - Eternal... - Conflict... - Learn... - Force... - Living... - Destruction... - Dark... - Side... - Embrace... - Chaos... - Disorder... - Genetic... - Offspring... - Fire... - Hazzard... - Jeseth... - Cloak... - Your... - Destiny... - Is... - Decided... -

            The cycle ended after only a minute, the hologram gazing at Slayn. It shut off in a cascade of darkness, leaving the heir with his thoughts. He had inherited more than a wealth of finance from the banks of Corellia. He had learned his destiny.


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              Slayn trembled for a moment in a silent panic. He struggled at first to grasp what had happened. Though his mind was at work with a thousand thoughts, Slayn still was in a daze. Suddenly he blinked some odd number of times. His eye lids dragged slowly across his crimson eyes. They had become diluted and empty as everything was now clear. shaking his head for little more then a moment he spoke.

              " Yes... I understand. "

              This man is to now be free... Does he know the price to his freedom ?

              " You... Slave, My father was to grant you freedom ? Are you sure this is what you wish... to be free ? "


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                "Yes. It is what was promised to me; I am now free. I hold no allegiance to you, or your name, Master Cloak."

                The hooded man stood, picking up the container and begining his short journey towards the doors. A shadow dragged behind him slowly, haunting him. He felt free in his heart... at last.


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                  "Freedom is yours, Slave... and I the one who grants it!!"

                  Slayn leapt forward calling Eternity to hand. His fingers griped the light staff and his arms stretched back for a full swing. In air his saber swung left with a loud hiss. The white glow from the black blades granted a divine light to the room. Slayn slashed through the slaves neck. The smell of burnt flesh perfumed the room. Slayn stood next to the body that had yet to fall. Eternity was set off and went dark after a short flicker. The slave's body fell as Slayn watched the blood drain out slowly. A smile could be seen on the face of this Sith. It was that of benevolence and echoed with the markings of sweet malice.

                  "often times a reward is not fully understood, until paid in full..."