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  • Eve Siren....

    Step Forward.

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    Eve stepped forward at her Master's command and bowed her head down, closing her eyes before looking back up at her Master.

    "You called, Sir ?"


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      Yes......I did. Eve Siren......I now give you the rank of Sith Knight, for bravery in battle and unshakeable loyality.


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        "Sith Knight ..?"

        Eve was surprised and normally, she should be happy to become a Knight so fast but somehow, she felt that it wasn't fair.

        "Are you sure, Sir ? I mean ... I haven't been your apprentice for that long and Sith Knight seems to be for the people with more talent than I do."


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          --A cold, muffled snort sparked from the shadows as Gitane watched silently. A sardonic frown creased her lips and she folded her arms against her chest. True, Eve was her blood sister, but despite this, a dry anger hit her heart as the Sith Master gave her the new title. She muttered to herself, shifting her eyes away.--

          "Un tel de rebut..."


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            Standing somewhere near Gitane, Vega watched in silence - contemplating to himself this new addition the ranks of the Empires Knights. He remembered his own promotion, and indeed Dynes also, and thought back to his old friends who were MIA currently - his brother Ket, Anubis, and the others. Giving a slight nod, he recognised the new Knight Eve Siren, yawning somewhat.


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              Feeling her blood brother and sister, Vega and Gitane Van Derveld nearby, Eve lowered her eyes to the ground.

              "I .."

              Biting her lower lip, she managed to get the words right. Even though they were simple words, it was hard to say them.

              "I refuse the title, Sir ... I don't deserve it for now. So, I've made up my mind and I'm truly sorry if I've deceived you but I don't want to be a Sith Knight, yet, Sir. I need .. I want to be worthy of that title but for now, I am not."


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                now which one of us do you think is a better judge of your ablities and worth?


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                  Very few declined an ascension to it was surprising that Eve wanted to stand down and stay as a Warrior. Dalethria knew that Master Rama did not hand out titles for no reason so it will be interesting to see if the newest Sith Knight would continue to deny what was her's


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                    "But .."

                    Eve has made her decision. She did not want to be a Sith Knight. At least, now not. She looked around and spotted the Lordess Dalethria. She looked at the Lordess for some brief seconds then looked back at her Master.

                    "I'm sorry, Master. I refuse your offer ... I do not want to be a Sith Knight. Even though you think I am worthy, I'll only be a good Knight once I feel that I deserve to be one."


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                      :: Rama walked over to her and squated in front of her so he could look up at her in case she decided to look at the floor. And began to speak in whispers only she could hear. ::

                      You know Eve some people here are artist. Let me explain.....Everyone can pick up a paint brush,but that doesn't make them artist. It's something down inside of you that makes you one. Same with force users.....just cause they have the gift doesn't mean they can use properly. your an Artist.....I knew it from the first day you came here. But I can't make you take this.....but you do deserve it.


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                        "Master ..."

                        Eve's glare softened as she listened to her Master's words. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, the words running through her mind. She bit her lower lip then reopened her eyes, her gaze locked on her Master, a slightly sad smile drawing on her lips.

                        "I understand, Sir. But I still stand for what I said. I would only feel good once I think I deserved the title. So ... I will continue my destiny as a Sith Warrior, under your training, Sir."


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                          --A slight, twisted laugh left Gitane's mouth, her hands clapping in a cold, slow rhythm. She smirked to herself, pushing out from the wall and made her way silently from the room. Her eyes glanced at Vega for a moment before she walked into the darkest of the shadows and out the Council Room doors.--


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                            As you wish......

                            :: Rama stood back up to his full height. ::

                            When you change your mind.....tell me.


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                              Eve bowed her head down as her Master stood up. Her smile disappeared as the shadows covered her dark eyes.

                              "Yes, Sir .."