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A new beginning for one that had barely started

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  • A new beginning for one that had barely started

    A cloaked figure slowly enters the council room. His boots making no noise what so ever as he almost glided over the polished floor.

    Approaching the elevated chairs of the council Lance could not help but notice the depleted ranks, most of all the empty chair in which at one time his master Jedah Lynch had sat. That is why he had come this day, his master had left suddenly, and after many long days thinking about what he should do Lance had finally decided that it would be the best thing for him to continue his training with a new master instead of leaving altogether.

    Stopping a few feet from the elevated council seats Lance dropped to one knee and bowed at the waist in respect to those seated above him.

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    "You may rise Lance and speak before the Council on what it is that brought you before us." Dalethria already knew what this young Disciple wanted but it was best for him to speak his own mind.


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      Lance rose and removed his hood from his face.

      "Thank you M'Lady. As the council is sure to know Master Jedah Lynch had taken me as his apprentice shortly before his abrubt departure from the Empire. After deep thought on the subject, I have found myself with the decision to continue my training here at the Empire. I come before you to request a new master so that I may continue my training."

      Lance's dark brown eyes not wavering from the council as he awaited their response. He knew that it was highly unlikely that they would turn down his request, but their approval was still needed in the matter.


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        "It was unfortunate that Master Lynch left and it's the Empire's duty to take care of those that are left behind."

        The hand that rested on her arm chair rose, beckoning Lance to continue, "Who is it that you wish to continue your training?"


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          "I would like to request to resume my tutelage under Laran Katern."

          Lance again waited, this time for the Sith Knight to answer his request.


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            The Sith Knight was in his room, pacing around nervously, still trying to figure things out in his head, when suddenly the buzzer at his door went off. Not wanting any company right now, he activated the com system.

            " Who is it, and what do you want?"

            The messenger stood out side the door, surprised by the tone of voice that met him. Surprised for it was not the normal tone that Laran carried. This one seemed far more fragile....

            "Your presence is required in the coucil room"

            ""Very well. I am on my way"

            He hastily put his cloak on and gathered up his things to make the requested appearance.

            Why now? Why me? What do they want?

            Walking briskly through the halls, he quickly made his way to the council chamber and entered it.

            Up[on entering, he dropped to one knee, before rising slowly

            "My presence has been requested?


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              At the sound of Lance's request, Dalethria signaled one of the guards to summon Lord Katern to the Council Room. With a salute, he left to carry out the Lordess' order and both she and the Disciple waited for what hopefully would be Lance's new Master to arrive.


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                From bended knee, he rose to meet the gaze of the council. He kept his cloak pulled over his face, hiding it from view of anyone in the room. Concentrating hard on his words, trying to sound confident and trying hard not to sutter, he began to speak

                "I am here as requested. "