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  • The Gathering

    A general call was announced to all Members of the Empire to be present in the Council Room within the hour. As time ticked away, members of all ranks filtered into the Hall and found a place to sit.

    Dalethria sat amongst the Council and took note of relatives and Apprentices that walked into the room. When she was satisfied that all who were going to come were present, she stood up.

    Pulling back the black hood that covered her face, she addressed those assembled, "My fellow members of the Empire. The last time I spoke to you in this large of a gathering it was to fill two seats upon the Council that needed filling. Now that time has come again ..."

    A slender hand pushed the loose hair behind her ear and she continued, "Between the voice of our people and the decision of the Council ... I like to present our two newest leaders. Master Rama Sha and Lordess Dara Shadowtide."

    She allowed a smile to cross her lips, relieved that this was finally over and that her sister would join her amongst the Council.

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    Watching the member’s reactions from his council seat, he was also relieved that these steps were finally being put forth.


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      Rothmar sat amongst the Sith Disciples in this great gathering listening intently as Lordess Dalethria announced the two Empire members to fill the empty seats on the council. He smirks, very satisfied.


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        Athena was standing near a wall. She watched her sister Dale speak to the council. She knew whom ever the council had chosen would be the best for the empire. Master Rama Sha and then Lordess Shadowtide.

        Athena smiled at her master and noded her head once to Master Rama Sha.

        Via the darkside she spoke to her Master

        Good work Master. This is a most welcomed right for you.

        Now Athena knew the darkness with in the empire would flare to a great strenght once more. :evil:

        Her Master and Master Rama Sha would be a new start for the Empire.

        Via the force once more Athena spoke to Sith Master Rama Sha..

        Congrats Master Rama


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          Thank is an Honor to serve on the council again.


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            :: Upon hearing her name announced, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial takes a deep breath and makes her way to the front of the Council Room. Kneeling and bowing her head in the deepest of respect, she stands and then looks upon all of the Council Members ::

            "I live to serve the Empire and I am honored by this, thank you all. I shall continue to do my best to aid the glory of the Empire."

            :: Dara smiles and nods as she makes eye contact with the Council.. starting with her husband and sister and then down the line. She then moves to take her seat at the front of the chamber alongside her fellow council members ::


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              A dark figgure stood amongst the shadows, watching. His deep voice echoed in the chamber as Dara and Rama ascended to their seats.

              "Congratulations Lordess Dara and Sith Master Rama. You will help lead the path of chaos we leave in our wake."

              Tempist bowed low, although it was hard to see him behind hte veil of darkness.


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                Smiling to himself, he clapped his hands a few times, bowing slightly to Master Rama and Lordess Shadowtide.

                "My congratulations to the both of you."


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                  *Bi0 was glad his Master made it...she made served the Empire so many she would finally be bestowed the title she so rightfully deserves*


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                    Master Rama heard Slayn's words in his mind, though he couldn't see the Sith warrior Rama could feel his aoura in the room.

                    "Master Rama, was there ever any doubt? I myself had none... that seat was and is yours."


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                      *Raine smirked upon hearing the decision that was made, being very pleased by what he heard.*

                      "I extend my deepest congratulations to the both of you. May you continue to serve the Empire and the Darkside for years to come."


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                        :: He watched his brother with interest, but the idea of the new position that he had obtained moved him not at all. Instead he was focused on what his younger brother wore on his wrist. ::


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                          Ogre sat in his seat and watched with satisfaction as the two newly appointed Council members joined the ranks of those who already sat in its prestigious chairs. With but a nod, he indicated his approval.


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                            As the names of the two newest council members were read, Laran stepped forward and approached each successor. The honor bestowed upon each of them was well earned, and he was proud that the Empire knew enough to name each of them.

                            First he reached Sith Master Rama. Offering his hand to him, he offered his congrats.

                            "Congradulations Master. An honor well earned, yet again. Your leadership will only aid in bringing us victory over our enemies"

                            He smiled quickly and then made his way over to the Lordess Shadowtide Rayial. Hugging her quickly, he stepped back with a smile and a gleam in his eyes

                            "And I offer my congradulations to you as well. Your wisdom and distinguished training skills will yield only supplement our Empire with the tools it needs to overcome our advasaries"

                            He then turned and promptly left the coucil room, making his way back to his quarters


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                              **Sumor smiled as her eyes caught his.**

                              Congrats my dark love, and to you as well Master Rama. With your additions to the council the Empire grows ever more powerful.