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Athena Lady Darknss step forward . . .

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  • Athena Lady Darknss step forward . . .

    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial waits at the front of the Council Room and as her apprentice Athena Lady Darknss enters, Dara motions for her to come stand before her. Dara then addresses Athena and all those present ::

    "Athena, you have indeed risen to a high level of fighting skill. Your prowess honors not only yourself, but the Empire as well. As your Master, I am also filled with pride in all that you do. You are very active on behalf of the Empire and serve as an example to all on what it is to be a member of this glorious organization. It is on this day, that I bestow upon you the well earned rank of Sith Knight. I also present you with this <a href=>Sith Dagger</a>. Wield it with pride and remember this day, my apprentice. Take your place among the Knights of the Empire at last. Congratulations."

    :: Dara smiles and nods to Sith Knight Athena Lady Darknss ::

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    *Raine smirks and nods to the new Knight*

    "Congratulations Athena, well earned."


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      Congrats, Knight, Athena...


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        Athena stepped into the council room as her master had requested of her. Once reaching her master and standing as asked too she looked down at the dagger her Master was holding. Athena listened to her masters words....Athena was still a alittle sleepy from her lastest Spar with Temp.

        But as the words Sith knight filled her ears she smiled. Not a normal smile but a dark twisted smile.

        Athena nodded once to her master and thanked her. She then un hooked her belt where her saber, whip, and sith blade rest. On the left side she placed her new dagger. The twisted blade now rest near her whip. Athena motioned to her master once more....

        " Master Dara I am only what you have taught me... No more and No less. I serve this Empire as i serve you. I Shall do all i can to insure that the Glory of this Empire live on. "

        Athena casted a look at Raine that almost waved in itself, then smiled at Snack.

        " Thanks you two "


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          Athena Lady Darknss step forward . . .

          Having a meeting with Master Dara, Dyne decided to stop by to congratulate Athena for her promotion. He felt through the Force and Dark Side of the events that transpired in the council room. Stepping into the room, he bowed to the fellow members present, the council, and Master Dara herself before looking at Athena. Even when having his hood and cloak on, his presence was easily felt to the fellow Sith in the room.

          "Well deserved promotion to knight Athena, may you even grow stronger for the Empire and the Dark Side."

          A small grin can be seen on Dyne's face as that part of his face was all that visible in the light. He stood there patiently in the back of the council room. The knight stepped back into the shadows of the room somewhat, where he liked it most. It had been awhile since he had came to the council room to give respect to a newly promoted member of the Empire.


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            Re: Athena Lady Darknss step forward . . .

            Athena beamed as she heard one of her best friends.

            " Dyne! "

            Athena shouted before she thought. She smiled and nodded once to him. She sent him a thought via the darkness.

            Stay or meet me after i would love to sit and talk.


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              "Congratulations, Athena, may you continue to prove yourself in the eyes of the council and of the Empire."


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                Eve smiled gently as she came out of her dark corner, her arms crossed behind her back. She tilted her head to the side and kept smiling.

                "Congratulations, Athena.You deserved it."


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                  This was a proud moment for Dalethria as Dara announced her sister's promotion. Rising from her Council Seat, she walked down the stairs and nodded to Athena, "Congratulations my sister."


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                    He stands among the gathered Sith of all ranks as his master, Lordess Shadowtide, commences the ceremony of honoring her apprentice Athena up to the rank of Sith Knight. The sacred dagger is given to commemorate Athena's rise in rank. As salutations begin, Rothmar claps!

                    ***Congratulations Athena!***


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                      {| She stands timidly near her master |}

                      "Congratulations Athena.."


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                        Daegal bows slightly, nodding towards Athena.

                        "Congratulations are certainly in order. May the darkness within you remain ever dominant."


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                          *LV steps forward and smiles at the new Knight of the Sith Empire.*

                          Congrats Athena. Well done.


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                            Athena smiled at Var as well as Eve. She turned when she heard her sisters voice. Once Dale had reached the bottom of the steps Athena hugged her sister softly. She whispered to her sister " thank you sister "

                            Athena smiled as she pulled from her sister. And smiled at Rothmar, Oni, and as well as Daegal. " Thank you all. I intend to keep you all happy with me and my attempts to please the Empire. "


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                              "Well done Athena. Congratulations!"