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Run With the Wolves: Faded

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  • Run With the Wolves: Faded

    --The girl wandered through the halls, a faint trail of blood hitting the ground with each feeble step. Her hand propped her against the wall, keeping her from dropping to the floor as she walked along in search of something...anything familiar. Her eyes caught the image of two large doors. She weakly pushed through and looked at the shadows of the room, nervous pain twisting her stomach. She sank to her knees and closed her eyes, sputtering a bit as she murmured.--

    "What is this place...?"

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial sees Sith Warrior Gitane Blesse drop to her knees with a trail of blood marking her path. Dara rises from her council chair and walks quickly to Gitane, kneeling next to her ::

    "Gitane? Did you just return from a battle? Perhaps we should get you to the Med Bay.."

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      --She cringed away, staring at the woman silently. People kept saying 'Gitane'...But she couldn't tell what for. Her head bowed as she looked at the cuts along her hands. She didn't know who this woman was...But she did need help. Slowly nodding her head, she looked towards the woman.--



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        :: Dara nods and pulls out her comlink, summoning a team of Medic Droids to escort the Warrior to <a href=>Med Bay</a>. The Lordess follows closely behind ::