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  • Taja Loraan

    The doors opened to the Council Room and a figure shrouded in black entered. Her face was shadowed by the effects of her hood which was relinquished by two hands coming to pull it back, revealing the Sith Lordess Dalethria.

    Her footfalls were silent as she took her seat amongst her peers and waited for her Apprentice to arrive.

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    I stand in a shadowy corner... my eyes cast down to the ground out of respect for my Mistress and the others gathered. I was not trying to hide myself, for that would have been foolish, and needless to say, ineffective. I only prayed that Lady Dalethria would tolerate my presence in the chamber despite my not being specifically summoned. Normally I wouldn't even think of doing something like this, but... Whatever concerned Taja... also concerned me...


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      The Disciple's footfalls fell silently on cold floor of the Council Room and, as had become uniform for her, Taja adorned her face without expression nor any hint of emotion, cold eyes diverted to the ground and away from the higher members of the dark faction. She had been called forth by her Master, Lordess Dalethria, and as was her duty the order was met with. Bowing low in respect to all those present, Taja knelt down before her prestigious Master and awaited instruction.


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        *MnT stood amongst the same shadows he usually found himself hidden in, during the rare occassions he took a break from his training to witness the going-ons. As Taja entered, he said nothing, yet nodded his own likely unseen greeting... It had been quite some time since he'd last seen Lady Loraan, so when he'd heard of her summon to the council room, he'd wasted little time in getting there himself..*


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          Two other of her Disciples had found their way into the Council Chambers. Dalethria took note of them both by a simple nod and returned her focus to Taja. Elusive and mysterious this Apprentice was but a fateful meeting on Vjun opened both their eyes to each other's pasts and current states of being.

          Her frame and demeanor hide the fiery power that was inside her, much like the stalking snake. Silent and deadly.

          "Rise." When Taja stood to her full height, Dalethria locked eyes with her Apprentice. "Tradition dictates that one is promoted after their first encounter with a Jedi. You on the other hand have done no such thing."

          The Lordess turned her back on Taja and walked towards the steps that led to the Council Seats, "What you have done far exceeds that, Taja."

          She turned, showing her profile, "Vjun became a test for us both and we each walked away with understanding. Without you, I would not be here."

          Her head turned completely around followed by her body as now Master and Apprentice were standing face to face, "For that, not only do you deserve the rank of Warrior, I present to you a gift."

          The folds of her cloak part which reveal a crystal dagger. When she speaks, a touch of genuine pride can be heard in Dalethria's voice, but was only audible to Taja, "Thank you."


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            The unforeseen nature of this was evident as Taja's self-constructed barrier of impassiveness was breached for a moment with the dawning of disbelief in her eyes. She had assumed that this summoning was mere protocol regarding her training and general conduct, at most disapproval for her prolonged inactivity in serving the Empire, but obviously not so. Not intending to appear impolite to Warrior Ryu and Knight MnT who remained concealed within the shadows, thin tendrils reached out from Taja's psyche to greet her fellow Apprentices.

            The preceding disturbances on Vjun were, in her eyes, the fault of none other than the Apprentice herself, and the occurrences that followed were obligatory to her personal laws.

            Sure enough, however, those same events had helped both Master and Apprentice to realize one another's disposition in context of their shared inner turmoil, and Taja had discovered much about her own self in the process. Shields she wasn't even aware existed had been penetrated by the Lordess, and for this she was forever thankful. Despite the aggressive manner and savagery Taja had displayed then, there was little to be placed in the respite department when one considered the level of understanding achieved from the experience by both parties.

            "It is an honor, Lordess Mal Pannis." The blade of the dagger glistened in the ambient darkness of the Council Room. Pausing for a moment she looked up, eyes overcome with a sense of absolute respect, "Master."


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              It wasn't very often that I let my emotions show, but my eyes widened greatly nonetheless as I see what is taking place. For a brief moment I let a smile find itself to my lips as we lock gazes. My eyes were warm as she looked at me. She could see a look of respect... and pride...

              "My most profound congratulations Warrior Loraan...."


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                There was nothing else to say; Dalethria had said everything that was necessary and her pride and respect were reflected in her eyes. A hand came to rest briefly on Taja's shoulder and Dalethria squeezed it gently before retracting it.

                She turned to look at Morino and smiled thinly. Always when Taja and Morino were in a room together, there was something about them she couldn't place. Was it commarderie or something more?


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                  Turning to the Warrior, Taja executed a swift bow in gratitude for his words, her face still registering no change from the ordinary. If nothing else, she had learned control over her physical appearance.

                  Taja noted the smile on the Lordess face once she regained her posture, and she was thankful now to her own inability to show emotion. Though contradicting her teachings of old, she was not without feeling ... this Apprentice of Dalethria's merely preferred to keep those hidden.


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                    One gets used to another's intricacies given time... Taja's lack of deviation from the norm shows nothing to the untrained eye... but her lack of reactions spoke volumes to me.

                    I bow again deeply to Taja.

                    "Again, my congratulations Warrior Loraan..."

                    I then bow deeply to Lady Dalethria and turn to leave, to go and head back to my room, which I did after almost every important event in my life, to reflect upon it...


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                      "Congratulations on your promotion to Warrior, Taja."

                      :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to the newest Warrior of the Empire ::


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                        "Congratulations Taja, may your path of darkness infect others with it's tainted glow"

                        Tempist smiled to his friend Taja, now a warior.


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                          :: He wasn’t big on congratulatory speeches, but he wasn’t one to not pay attention to what occurred around the Empire either, and this instance involved one of his own Mater’s other apprentices. With a simple nod he acknowledged what had happened, but said no words. ::


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                            *Raine found himself in the shadows on the council room yet again. He nodded to the new warrior*

                            "Congratulations, Taja."


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                              ***Congratulations, Sith Warrior Taja Loraan***