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  • Stepping in ...

    Khaliqua looked around, nervously. Though she worked as a waitress in a huge bar for a long time, she was still not used to big places ... Especially when there was important people in it. She bit her lower lip, putting her hand on her other hand lightly, just mumbling the words.


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    :: Sith Lordess and Council Member Dara Shadowtide Rayial stepped into the Council room to retrieve a holopad she had left near her council seat when she saw a visitor in the chamber. Dara approached the woman ::

    "Greetings, I am Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Can I help you with something? If you would like to join this organization, the Recruitment center is down the hall and to your right."


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      Uh, no ... I'm looking for someone ... Well, three people.

      Khaliqua looked at Dara, tilting her head to the side, her brown hair following the motion. She ran her hand gently through her hair before pronouncing the three names.

      Is ... Vega, Cat and Ket Van Derveld still here ?


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        :: Dara paused as she heard the name of her apprentice, Vega, and two other members of the Empire. She addressed the woman again ::

        "We shall get to that in a moment. I don't believe I got your name..."


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          Khaliqua bowed her head down gently.

          I am Khaliqua Van Derveld ... Their sister.


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            :: Dara's facial expression changes, not recalling her apprentice telling her about a sister. The Lordess smiles and nods to Khali ::

            "A sister.. the Van Derveld family line extends far into the galaxy indeed. Regarding your question, Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld is currently here at the Empire, however Cat and Ket have been away on personal journeys for some time now. I am not certain of when they will return. I will send a message to Vega now to have him report to the Council room."

            :: She nods and takes out a comlink and transmits the short message to her apprentice on an encrypted channel, expecting his arrival within the hour ::

            "It should not be too long. Vega has always been punctual."


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              It didn't take more than a minute or so for Vega to arrive, as he had just been in the TSE Head quarters consulting some data archives on his families past. It was therefore quite ironic for him to step into the Council room to find his Master with his younger sister. Smiling quite broadly, he bowed softly to his Master before regarding Khaliqua.

              Look who it is...


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                Vega ...

                Khaliqua smiled gently as her green and blue eyes looked at her brother.

                It's only been a few months, but looking at you now, it seemed like an eternity.


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                  It was true that Vega hadn't seen Khaliqua for around 5 or so months, however before that he'd never really seen her either. Like Cat and Ket, Vega hadn't really known them whilst growing up, and had only located them by chance. Each seemed to be like a mark on a map of his fathers travellers, left on various planets around the galaxies where Diego felt in need of 'attention'.

                  Mmm...quite. What brings you here, then? If you're looking for Kaine, I'm not sure of his where abouts.


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                    Kaine ..?

                    Khaliqua prefered not to enter that subject just yet. She just didn't feel like it ... She tilted her head to the side and just kept smiling.

                    Actually, I came to see how you were doing.


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                      He thought on the question for a second. He could either answer truthfully and say that he wasn't at all fine since he'd resently massacred the family and had no idea of his wifes location, or he could just smile it off.

                      Oh yeah, I'm fine. Same old Vega. How about you? he tilted his head the the side, his mannerisms somewhat similar to hers, Still working on Karfeddion?


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                        Uh ... No. I quitted.

                        Her smile disappeared as she listened to her brother's reply. Though she wasn't much of a fighter, she was good at detecting lies.

                        But I'm doing fine. How are Cat and Ket ?


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                          Ket's been away for... a while, although Cat's around quite a bit. I'm doing some training with him at the moment...

                          Vega didn't really know much about Khaliqua. She had just turned up one day when Kaine and Vega had gone on an outting together, and apparently the two were related, though they might as well have not been as they attacked as though neither had really ever met.

                          And you? Have you started training so that you can be like your brothers? Perhaps you're joining the Empire with us?


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                            I have never trained before ... And maybe considering of joining, but for now, I just want to see the family ... Well, what's left of our family anyways. And ... I heard you got married ?

                            Khaliqua didn't know why she quit her job as a waitress, or why she just came here, out of nowhere. She was sick of feeling alone, perhaps ...


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                              Yeah... I'm not sure where my wife Gitane is at the moment though...

                              He sighed heavily, bringing one hand up to rub the back of his neck.