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Darth Varlon Konrad step forward...

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  • Darth Varlon Konrad step forward...

    :: Walking to the front of the room once again, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial took her chair on the Council and awaited the arrival of one of her loyal apprentices. As he entered, she stood with a smile and then addressed both the Sith Knight and the fellow comrades of the Empire ::

    "Darth Varlon Konrad, your expertise in Fleets has aided our organization countless times. You always perform your duties without question to the highest of your ability, and as your Master I am very proud of you. For your dedication and service, I now bestow upon you the well earned rank of Sith Lord. Congratulations on this honor, Varlon."

    :: Dara smiled and nodded to Sith Lord Darth Varlon Konrad ::

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    Congratulations, Lord Varlon.


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      Congrats Sith Lord Varlon


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        *Raine smirked from his usual spot in the shadows*

        "Now it is time I congratulated you. Well done, my brother."


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          "Congratulations, Sith Lord Varlon!" He bows curtly in honor to the new Sith Lord.


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            Congrats, Varlon...


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              Varlon blinked a few times as he stepped out of the shadows in his usual entrance, this time not to congratulate, but to be congratulated. "Well, I don't really know what to say," Varlon said as he scratched his head slightly. "Didn't really expect this. I guess all I really can say are thanks to those whom I stepped on, beat around, and pounded into submission; those whom have taught me, trained me, and guided me; and most of all, those whom have been there for me."

              The newly christened Lord began to kneel before pulling his scythe from his back and hurtling it into the air, the blade hissing into existence as it twirled to its apex, and then fell into his hands where he dropped into a full bow, only his arms were outstretched towards the ground instead of at his sides as usually. "I accept my post in the name of the Dark Side and Sith."


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                Congratulations Varlon


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                  "A well deserved promotion. Congratulations!"


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                    Smiling to himself, but showing no emotion outwards, he gave a small bow to the new Lord Varlon.

                    "Congratulations, Lord Varlon."


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                      After congradulating Vega, Laran turned and approached the new Lord of the Sith. Making brief eye contact, he smiled and then offered his hand to him.

                      "Another promotion well deserved and long overdue. Our enemies would be fool to underestimate us with you in our midst. "


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                        :: Kekoa returned back into the shadows of the Sith Council room once more after meeting Sith Lord Raine Sarin. She turned and listened to Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, as she yet again presented another one of her Apprentices with the new rank of “Sith Lord”. Kekoa grinned upon hearing the speech from Sith Lord Darth Varlon. After the presentation was finished, Kekoa walked towards Sith Lord Darth Varlon and dropped down upon one knee before him. She stood up once again with a slight a nod. ::

                        Then, she spoken to him, “Hello, I am Kekoa Alkarin. Congratulations upon receiving your new rank of “Sith Lord”. Your dedication and long time service to The Sith Empire is well known. May you continue to embrace the Darkness with great honor.”


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                          {She waited till Kekoa had left before walking up to him and smiling}

                          ~"Congratulations, Master."~


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                            "Congratulations on your promotion to Lord."

                            ~Alisa smiled and bowed to Varlon in respect~


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                              :: A crocked smile formed on his lips, prominent on his pale face. It was his way of saying that the Empire was growing stronger this day. ::