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Vega Van Derveld step forward...

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  • Vega Van Derveld step forward...

    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial had summoned Sith Knight Vega Van Derveld to report to the Council room immediately, yet did not disclose the topic of the meeting to the Lupine Sith. She took a place at the back of the room, pulled out one of the <a href=>Twin blades of Agony</a> that she had received from her first apprentice Raine Sarin and concealed her force signature via the Dark Side. Dara then stealthily waited in the shadows for Vega's arrival.

    As the Sith Knight walked in and just past Dara, she leapt out and grabbed Vega from behind, placing the blade at his throat as she wrapped her arm tightly around his neck. Not knowing who was attacking him, Vega struggled and then flipped his Master over his shoulder where she lands on the ground.

    As Dara is flipped over her apprentice, she grabs his hair and slams him down on the ground next to her. Looking over at his shocked expression with a smile dancing on her lips, she speaks loudly enough for all to hear as she rises to her feet and slips the blade back into its sheath on her belt ::

    "Excellent, my apprentice. Nothing catches you off guard. And this next part should not catch you off guard either."

    :: The Lordess smiled and gestured for Vega to join her at the front of the Council room as she walked the length of the room and then turned around to address Vega and all those present ::

    "Vega, your skills on the battleground have always been impressive as well as your motivation for self improvement for the benefit of the Empire. You are an active presence on behalf of the Empire and I have always felt pride in all that you do for betterment of this organization. I have called you here this day to recognize those skills you employ with ease. It is at this time that I bestow upon you the well earned rank of Sith Lord. Congratulations, my apprentice."

    :: Dara smiled and nodded to Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld ::

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    Dropping his head to bow it for a moment, Vega's face fills up with an immense look of pride though he tries to hide it. Returning his gaze to his Master, he nods very softly.

    I thank you for your confidence, Master, and also for this honour you bestow upon me. I shall do all in my power to uphold the standards of the Empire and continue to prove my worth to you.

    Once again, he bowed, drawing in a deep breath.


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      With a curt respectable bow to the newly ascended Lord, he says, "Congratulations, Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld."


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        *Raine leaned against one of the walls in the shadows*

        "Congratulations, Lord Van Derveld."


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          Eve smiled slightly through her helmet and nodded in agreement with the others.

          "Congratulations, Vega ... I mean, m'lord."


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            *Smirking a tad, Snack nodded his head as a third of Dara's appretnices gain Lordship.*

            Congrats, Lord Vega...


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              "Congratulations, Vega. Was wondering what was taking you to get here," Varlon said and smirked.


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                He walked slowly out of the darkness and stood beside Eve. He gave a small bow towards the new Sith Lord.

                "Conragtulations, Lord Van-Derveld."


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                  "A promotion well deserved. The entire empire is made stronger by your ever-present commitment."


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                    Stepping forward, the Sith Knight approaches Vega and offers his hand in a congradulatory handshake.

                    "I wish to congradulate you. It has been a long time since we joined the Empire, and your rise has been impressive. We grow stronger with the increase in your abilities and the rise in rank you receive. "


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                      Sieken enterd the room his face strait, his eyes narrowed and looking annoyed, tilting his head he gave a rare side smile and walked up to his master kneeling..

                      'Sir it has been an honour to work with you these past 8 months and i wish you all the best...(reaching into his pocket his extended his dagger with the handle of a snake) 'as you know sir this has been with me for many is now yours'....with that, he stood up smiled and left the sighs of insaness atall


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                        GO VEGA!


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                          Nodding to also those who had thanked him in appreciation, he took Laran's hand and shook it firmly.

                          Thank you, my friend.

                          Turning his attention to Sieken, he took the dagger from his apprentice with a slight smirk forming on his face as he glanced over towards Athena.


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                            :: Arriving into the Sith Council room once more, Kekoa stepped in the shadows to view another important presentation. Upon listening to Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial presenting Sith Knight Vega Van Derveld with his new rank of “Sith Lord”, Kekoa approached Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld and dropped down to one knee before him.::

                            Standing once again, she spoke to him, “Hello, I am Kekoa Alkarin. Congratulations upon receiving your new rank of “Sith Lord”. Your dedication and long time service to The Sith Empire is well known. May your strength in the Darkness forever continue to embrace your presence.”


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                              "Congratulations on your promotion to Lord."

                              ~Alisa smiled and bowed to Vega~