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    :: He didn't know what day it was. They all were circular, and all looked the same as the other. Anbiraa paced the halls of the Council Proper, frustration, ennui, and rage all seething and boiling under the surface. He'd seen much of pomp and cirumstance since his creation and existence here...but little of anything else. He'd seen political maneuverings, he'd seen promotions, shows of gallantry and bravado. Perhaps it was his programming, or maybe his Original's nature, although the clone hesitated to draw any parallels to that fool. He wanted war; a call to arms to sweep everybody off their feet....and he wanted it now. ::

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial was passing by the Council room on her way to her quarters when she sensed a single presence in the chamber which made her stop dead in her tracks. The force signature was strong and filled with hatred and rage. Her footfalls were silent as she stepped to the entrance to see the clone of Anbira pacing back and forth, almost like a caged animal.

    She had heard tales of the lab and his return, yet really did not know much about Anbiraa at all. Clearing her throat, she spoke with an inquisitive tone as to what it was he was searching for ::

    "Are you looking for a council member?"


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      :: The clone laughed softly to the question, still pacing about as he leaned against a marble column, sliding down to sit...looking slightly away from Dara as he did so. ::

      These walls...damn you ever feel your life slipping away in this baneful place?

      :: more laughter, but forced-sounding and low, as if Anbiraa was trying to make something infuriating appear humerous ::

      This to day living in this place...with these people...

      :: The clone spat, turning and staring furiously yet indiscriminately at Dara, pressing an index finger forcefully against his temple ::

      I can hear you all...and your songs, hatred, you pull the strings. I hear it all at once. Only so much can I feed off of, and it all turns my stomach past that point!

      :: Anbiraa stood, suddenly as if speaking his mind on things eating within animated him to a state of mania. He paced, hands making quick movements in expressive body language as his tongue raced to match his mind's pace ::

      I can't be complacent, I can't be here! These walls will murder me if they get the chance! But they won't!

      :: He laughed in a "Can't you see" manner ::

      What token of blood does the council demand, Dara Shadowtide?


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        :: Dara paused to study the clone. He was definitely on the edge of something.. what exactly that was, she was not sure. Anbiraa's eyes were wild and yet his movements were controlled, but in any event it seemed a great many things were on his mind as he spoke with her ::

        "I can't say that I feel my life slipping away actually. My life here at the Empire is quite fulfilling in the darkness. I find myself rather busy preparing my apprentices to do battle for the glory of the Empire as we seek out to extinguish the light and expand our holdings in the galaxy."

        :: She begins to walk slowly toward him and speaks to him in a quiet, even tone ::

        "You hear all of our thoughts.. at once? That must be enough to drive a person to the brink of.. madness.."

        :: She stops and pauses for a moment before continuing ::

        "If it is not here that you wish to be, then where is that place? Do you have a master somewhere? Is it guidance you are seeking.. or vengeance?"

        :: A smile spreads across her lips before she speaks once again ::

        "As far as a token of blood.. Our continued onslaught of the jedi and the chaos it ensues is not what I would call a token.. it more resembles the capstone of the demonstration of the true power of the Dark Side.."

        :: Her green eyes lock on his eyes ::


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          :: It wasn't the first time the clone felt...examined. Since his creation in Lynch's cloning seemed his was quite the spectacle. Let them look he often thought. He wondered if they found what they were looking for, or if his eyes were indeed windows to his evil, bloodthirsty soul...and they feared that the lightning they called would fork in many ways.

          He laughed at his moment of self-intrigue. There was something clarifying to his sense of utter resignation. Redemption, salvation...the words carried definitions alien to him in the highest degree. No doubt his genetic engineering was partly to blame, but Anbiraa could delude himself to believing it was his will alone that plunged his heart into chaos and darkness. Whether he was an automaton, or suspended on unbreakable marionette strings, he reveled in his sadistic dance, one sure to step on countless toes.

          Dara was explaining of the war against the Jedi. The words themselves triggered a euphoric wave of adrenaline. Anbiraa's pupils almost imperceptibly dialated, the thought of such murders and mayhem intoxicating his soul. He spoke, the pensive energy latent in every word ::

          Such a demonstration is long overdue! Wouldn't you agree?


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            :: Dara noted the transformation in the cloned Sith Master's demeanor at the mention of jedi bloodshed as Anbiraa now spoke with a renewed fervor in his voice ::

            "Spilling the blood of the Jedi is always a welcome thought to entertain, Anbiraa. That particular matter would be up to the leadership of the council members as they make informed decisions on behalf of the Empire. If you wanted to satiate that thirst for immediate vanquishment, I am sure you could go hunt them down one by one. Not exactly a time efficient strategy, but it would get the job done eventually.

            However, I am a little confused and perhaps you could answer a question for me... Are you seeking membership in the Empire? I'm unsure as to the reason you express such an active interest in the welfare of this organization. I have seen you around TSE since your 'rebirth' so to speak, and it is almost as if you are seeking to find if you have a purpose here..."


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              Dalethria quietly kept to herself in the shadows, watching the back and forth between her sister and ...

              She didn't know how to categorize it. When she was training under Kat ... not only did Dalethria find a purpose again but she had found something she wasn't capable of. Love. That love was unrequited but in time, it turned into something that she was more grateful for ... the love of having a sister. She had a family again. Which including finding her soul mate in Ogre.

              With her death, Dalethria was lost and aloof and it took the mysterious Anbira to bring her back to the path. As they trained and talked, another void that was long unfilled came to the surface. He not only became a mentor, but someone she considered a father figure. With his betrayal to the Jedi, it was the second time that her world began to unravel.

              Now ... there was Anbiraa and she had no idea what to make of him. There encounter in the Council Room went better then expected but still ... Dalethria didn't know how to perceive this clone.

              So she waited, watched and learned.


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                *LV walked by the Council Room's door, and paused as she saw the exchange Dara and Anbiraa were having. To say the least, what Anbiraa had to say peaked her interest. She leaned quietly against the doorframe, listening. It had been a long time since true Jedi blood had been spilt. The corner of her lip curled upward as she recalled a plan she was in the process of completing. Soon... very soon.*

                *Her Force sense picked up another presence, a silent one, in a darkened area of the room. She could not make out the face because of the deep shadows, but the sense had the signature of Dalethria. LV couldn't read her mind, but she felt the up-and-down emotions going through her as she recalled something.*

                *She sighed softly and looked at Anbiraa. She could simpathize with Dale on the up-and-down emotions from the past. Seemed they always followed her here even to the present.*


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                  :: Anbiraa sneered, perplexed at the question ::

                  Your politics are window dressing. If the genocide of my enemies requires my membership into your order, so be it. I will kill them all, be my title soldier, disciple, warrior, knight, lord, master...or emperor.

                  :: The mad clone smiled ::

                  If the religion of murder is with you, I am with you. But I will kill the squeamish as easily as the Jedi.

                  :: Anbiraa pondered his "greater meaning". After all, only half of his essence was his own. The other...whatever was written in the spaarti computers of Jedah was as much of him as any thought in his head. ::

                  I wasn't made to be a diplomat, I was made to kill people. If I am brusque, it is a compliment to my faculties.

                  :: His demeanor changed to a light-hearted one, standing up with a skip in his step ::

                  But yes...take me to the council, I suppose. Jedah Lynch would wish my subservience to your sect!


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                    *This peeked LV's interest. Anbiraa was showing interest in joining the Empire? Well, why not? The former Anbira had been a part of this group, why not his clone?*


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                      :: Dara studied the clone, not able to truly read what was going on but nodded to his request to speak to the Council ::

                      "Indeed.. I shall alert the Council that you wish to speak with them. One moment please."

                      :: The Lordess walked to the side of the room and pulled a comlink from her belt. She placed her thumb on the infrared reader pad and after a series of beeps confirmed her identity, she sent an encrypted message to the Council that the clone of Anbira wanted to see them ::

                      "I'm sure their arrival will be forthcoming."


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                        Emperor.........I assure you won't have to worry about that title being rested on your shoulders.

                        :: Rama entered. ::

                        I take it im the first to arrive.


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                          Not really.

                          *LV addressed Rama, as he walked past her leaning against the doorpost.*

                          I've been here for quite some time... observing.

                          *She took up stride to stand beside him.*

                          But you can be the first to sit at your seat if you wish.

                          *She smiled pleasantly and began to walk towards her own chair.*


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                            No.....Think I'd Rather stand.

                   oblegation to Jedah the only reason you wish to join?


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                              *LV shrugged and lounged in her chair, observing the conversation. When the time came, she would speak.*