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<Appears and stands before the Council>

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  • <Appears and stands before the Council>

    He walked out of the darkness silently. Standing before the Council, he bowed low, finally raising back up to look straight ahead.

    "I've been meaning to say this for some time now, and am just now getting around to it. Since Mistress Nuriko has...ehrm...for lack of a better term, been of absence for quite some time, I have been without a Master. And I was wondering if you wished for me to decide on another Master or not."

    He stood silently and waited for a reply.

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nodded as Phantom spoke, understanding his situation ::

    "Phantom, since you are a Sith Disciple and your Master is no longer in TSE, I would recommend contacting Nuri first to see if she would still train you even though she is no longer in the Empire. If Nuri is not going to be able to continue your training, then I would recommend you choose someone who is currently available to train here so that you do not lose valuable time in gaining the skills necessary to advance and further the glory of the Empire."


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      "I agree with the Lordess, brother ..."

      Eve simply said, leaning on the entrance wall of the Council room. Her helmet still on her head, she tilted her head to the side, she had a lot on her mind ...


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        OOC: I asked you to e-mail me a LONG time ago Magus, I guess you didn't see the message. <img src= ALT=":lol"> Anyway, I've recently left RPing and I only saw this since I happened to lurk today. Go ahead a find yourself another master. Good luck and have fun. ^__^


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          OoC: Eh...yeah...I must've either missed that or completly forgot...(most likely the second...I've been known to forget things easily -_-*).

          IC: He stood again before the council and bowed his head slightly. Raising it, he looked forward at them.

          "May I see the list of Sith who are currently accepting apprentices? I'd like to select a new one."


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            Here is the current list of those available to train:

            Sith Masters:
            Darth Havok
            Lady Vader

            Sith Lords:
            Dalethria Mal Pannis
            Darth Varlon
            Raine Sarin
            Sumor Rayial
            Vega Van Derveld

            Sith Knights:
            Athena Lady Darknss
            Eve Siren
            Laran Katern


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              After a few moments of thinking, he had finally made up his mind.

              "I'd like to chose Lordess Dalethria as my new Master."


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                Dalethria lowered her head to look upon Nuriko's Apprentice, "What is the reasoning behind your decision?"


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                  He smiled seemingly Satanicly as he bowed his head towards Lady Dalethria. Keeping his head lowered, his eyes peered up towards her.

                  "Because I believe that you can further my ... education, if you will, of the Sith."

                  He stood with his head lowered and awaited an answer.


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                    "If that is your wish ... then it will be so. Your training will not be hindered any further. When you are ready, call for me in the training grounds. Until then, you are free to go my Apprentice."


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                      Eve remained silent as Dalethria spoke. When she finished, she simply pushed the doors of the Council room and left without saying anything.