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  • Summons (Trace Sha)

    She sat still in her Council Seat. Quietly mediating to herself and to her still unborn child. Dalethria's thoughts were a steady stream that moved in time with her breathing so that her connection with the Dark Side was at its strongest. Emotions, desires, needs ... a combination of both mother and child mixed together fluidly as she awaited her elusive Apprentice.

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    :: His presence as of late had been scarce but he was still vigilant to keep a mindful eye out for his apprentices and his Master, should any of them require him. The clicking of the bottoms of his boots was the only sound in the hallway as he approached the Council room having felt his Master’s call within his mind.

    The doorway to the prestigious room creaked open with nary a push of his hands as his mind bid it to open and the telekinetic field around his body pressed outwards, opening the way. His dark clad form stepped into the room and he made his approach to the head of the room, to stand before his Master, bowing in the fashion that he normally did, a lowering of his chin to his chest.::

    “As you wished Master?”


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      She could have answered him right away but chose to take care of her own thoughts that were clouding her mind. It took several moments before the raging energy that filled her being was quieted to a dull roar.

      Eyes fluttered opened and a steel gaze that was carved in ice locked onto Trace. Dalethria titled her head lightly to the side as if wondering why he was standing before her and spoke softly and curiously, "Why do you think you were summoned?"


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        :: He seemed unmoved by any of her action or look of lack of knowledge as to what may be going on, as he stood before her motionless and stoic. His pale features seemed somewhat more drab and dull than usual in the light of the room as he responded in a flat emotionless tone. ::

        “I felt a call from you Master? I am here to serve you and to administer teachings I have learned from you unto my own Disciples. So my appearance here is but to serve you, as I said.”


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          "And you serve me well since I have taken you as my Apprentice."

          Her pupils contracted as she summoned the Dark Side to gain access to Trace's aura. For a long time it was chaotic, scattered, and his control over his telekinetic abilities was minimal at best. Something that Dalethria herself had to go through ...

          Now his aura was calmly moving around his form unlike the wild rapid effect it once was. Much discipline and focus had to go into it in order for the older Sha to even function.

          "How was it that you gained control over your handicap, Trace?"


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            “Time and experience are powerful things. Powerful things which aided me in learning more about the new aspects of myself, brought on by my sudden physical connection to Disorder.”

            :: A hand went to his belt and touched the weapon’s surface, as his face remained the stoic picture free of emotion. ::


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              Her eyes glanced down to the cursed weapon and nodded, "Never such a diffcult test could have been laid out for you, Trace. Your sanity was on the line and you became the Master of Disorder ... not the Disciple of it. Nothing that I could do now would be a better situation to prove your worth to me, Lord Sha."


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                :: The emotion free visage that he wore seemed to flinch slightly, showing a hint of surprise, that was quickly replaced by a look of pride. His head lowered chin to chest in his form of respectful display to his Master. ::

                “I shall continue to serve you and your teachings Master.....Always.”


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                  :: Dara nodded to Trace from her council chair ::

                  "Congratulations on your promotion, Sith Lord Trace Sha."


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                    Congratulations, Lord Sha.


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                      *Raine watched from the shadows of the council room*

                      "Congratulations on your promotion, Lord Sha. The Empire grows stronger this day."