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    It was asked of her to take care of something and considering that Miryan was out of action until his recovery, Yurza was her resonsiblity. She already sent out the summons and now it was time for the her Apprentice's Disciple to come forth.

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    ::Yurza entered the Council room, a bit timid. It was the first time he had been summoned by a Council member, and it was Miryan's master no less. He had no idea what it was about but he didn't want to make a fool out of himself. He walked over to Dalethria and dropped to one knee and bowed::

    "You summoned me Mistress Dalethria?"


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      He was prompt. A mark in his favor, "You may rise, Yurza."

      She remained silent until he complied and then continued, "While my Apprentice ... your Master ... recovers, I wish to know what you have accomplished since your last training session."


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        ::Yuraz thougth about his brother and their fight and the training he had taken on by himself::

        "Since my last training session with my master, I have fought one Jedi and and I have had many self training exersices."[/i]


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          "Elaborate further on your fight with the Jedi, as well as what you have done to continue with your training while your Master has been absent."


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            "My fight with the Jedi ins't really worthy of being called a fight. It was against my brother, Shade Magus. I would have thought that he and I would have been at the same level, but no matter what he will always be weak. The only reason I took his lightsaber was because my master asked me to bring one back and becuase it wold serve as a reminder to my brother that I will always be is superior."

            ::Yurza sneered as he thought about that day::

            "As for my training, it has been mainly to increase my endurance using the Force. Even though I am not qualified to rate a person's developement, I must say that I have come quite a long way, but I fear I can no longer go any farther. I have learned all I can learn on my own."


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              She tilted her head in thought briefly, pursing her lips, "Show me the weapon you had taken."


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                ::Yurza reached behind his back and unclipped his brother's lightsaber. It was almos identical to his except for te coloration of the blade. Yurza's was a blue color and Shade's was a green color. He held out for Dalethria::

                "Here it is."


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                  She looked at the craftmanship of the weapon with critical eyes. Thumbing a switch, a green blade extended outwards with a snap-his, a low hum breaking the silence.

                  "Well, well, well ... This will make a find weapon to give to your Master." Dalethria's eyes shifted over to Yurza's, her normal blue eyes glowing an eerie aqua green. "Do you not agree, Warrior Yurza?"


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                    ::Yurza spanned his head up in surprise. This was certainly not what he was expecting, but none the less here it was. His dream of becoming a Sith Master was getting closer to coming true. He then looked into Dalethria's eyes and smiled::

                    "Thank you Mistress Dalethria. I am sure it will make an excellent token for my master."

                    ::He looked at the green blade and thought deeply to himself. He had not expected this, especially from beating his weakling of a brother, but no matter he would except this honor and do his best to make sure that he would be worty of it::


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                      "Congratulations, Yurza. It is a promotion that was well deserved. I am pleased to be able to take care what Miryan's wish was and to watch you grow stronger this day."

                      In a blink of an eye, the green blade was extinguished and she threw it back at Yurza.


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                        ::Yurza held out his hand as he called the lightsaber back to his hand. When he caught it he clipped it on the back to his belt::

                        "Thank you, Mistress you are most generous...........however there is a favor that I might ask from you. It is concerning one of your apprentices and it has to do with my master."


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                          ::Chaos stood beside the door looking at his friend. He was proud for him. With his new rank maybe it was timed to two friends sparred.::


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                            Her eyes narrowed, "Yes of course, what is it?"


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                              "Well it is either your disciple or you that I need to ask a favor of. I have noticed your apprentice, and my freind, Chaos was strong in the Force in the ways of mind manipulation. I was wondering if either you or him could teach me a few tricks. I don't know if this is allowed, but it would most likely be a big help in my upcoming mission with my master and others."

                              ::Yurza stood there waiting on a reply, not knowing what would happen or what his words would stir up::