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::steps forth with an offer::

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  • ::steps forth with an offer::

    Tempist entered the council room, and stood before the council seats.

    "Leaders of this glorious empire, I have seen some people asking where they can find weapons. We currently have no weapon forges for the general population of the empire, and I am a skilled blacksmith. I am now offering my abilities in weaponry forging and metalworking to anyone who needs it, for the good of the empire... if you will permit it that is."

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods from her council seat in approval ::

    "Thank you Sith Warrior tempistopps. Your continued loyalty and service to the Empire serves as an example to all. The weaponry you forge for our members will bring even more blood spilled from our enemies in the galaxy."

    :: Dara grins at the thought ::

    "Do you require a specific location for your workshop? I was thinking that your quarters could be renovated or perhaps an area in the Training grounds.."


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      "I see no reason to deny you this request and offer. The Empire is thankful for your services."

      Dalethria looked to her left and right, wondering if any of her fellow Council members had anything else to add.


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        ::Yurza watched from the back of the council room before stepping up to his fellow apprentice::

        "Tempist, you have taught me much by me watching your fights and hearing your words from time to time. In return for this I woudl offer you gem and jewels. You coudl juse them to help assemble lightsabers and such. I don't know if they would be of much use to you, but I would willingly give them to you if they could help the Empire at any cost. And do not fear the limited amount I have here, for I knwo where to get plenty more."


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          "I have already re-built my quaters into a personal forge, and it should be sufficant for a while. If more space is nessecary, I shall contact you. Thank you."

          Tempist turned to Yurza and smiled.

          "Thank you, they would probably be useful in sabermaking. I may also be able to create some other energy weapons with them, depending on the types of gems."