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  • Eve....

    I am formaly requesting a spar with the great annoyance known as BerserkMonkey. I figgured I'd ask you, since you are his master.

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    "You're a Warrior, Tempist. It wouldn't be fair. But I know you're mad ... So I'm just asking you to wait. Or, you could always join me in his training."


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      hey eve.. i may be curerntly a disciple but i have learned through WATCHING other people....

      just a litle thing i wanted to point out......

      hey tempistops....

      im realy pisin u off huh?


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        "I think I shall take up your second offer. Maybe now he will realize that size and a random ability aren't the only things that are used in a fight."

        He turned to the monkey, with a look more evil than usial in his eye.

        "As for you.... watching and learning only go so far, experiance is the best way to improve. You wont be worth much experiance, but perhaps the blood loss will open your eyes a bit."


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          ::Yurza walked up quickly from the wall he had been on watching the actions unfold before him. Hee put a hand on Tempist's sholder as he neared him::

          "Whoa there buddy. Just seat tight right now. All good things come to those who wait."


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            "Who gave you permission to speak, Berserk ? If nobody did, then you should shut it, before I get really mad."

            Eve said, crossing her arms and looking at her apprentice angrily.


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              god this .....

              *Glares at all of them*


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                He looked out of the corner of his eye at Berserk.

                "Getting frustrated? As you should. It seems the only thing you have done since you joined TSE was annoy everyone you saw..."


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                  shut up......

                  hmm.. my memory is a bit fogy... aren't u a disciple......

                  yeah i thought so.


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                    He has also been here longer than you, and in a battle, he could leave you a bloody beaten pulp. If I were you, I would be silent and fall into line untill you actualy have the power to act.


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                      Bersek feels a sharp pain in his chest as if someone were slowly tightening a knot in his lungs. For a moment the burning sensation grows and grows.

                      "I believe I've already mentioned this to you once, Berserk, however it seems you forget rather quickly. You had best hold you tongue..."

                      The Disciple is lifted off his feet into the where upon he floats towards the now risen Sith Lord, hovering infront of his face.

                      "Else I will personally cut it off."

                      Berserk drops to the floor with an almighty thud, with Vega staring down at him, fangs bared.



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                        A dark smile crossed his face.

                        "Yes, I am a Disciple, Berserk. But also remeber, I could've killed you that day we sparred. But didn't, because my Sister wanted you alive."


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                            --Gitane growled lowly as she stepped from the shadows, moving to crouch eye-level with Beserk. She moved her hand to grasp his ear much like a mother scolding a child. She glared coldly into his eyes for a long moment before wrenching his head close to whisper.

                            "You're testing everyone's tolerance poorly, Boy. Respect comes with both rank and personality. Some here may be only Disciples, but they have earned greater respect from their words and actions than you. They deserve even your pitiful respect."

                            She shoved his head back and stood with a disgusted frown, taking her place at her master and husband's side.--


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                              ::Yurza watched all of this still a step behind Tempist. He himself had been tempted to involve himself in these actions but he deemed it a waste of his time for now. He woudl wait for the right moment to come and then he would strike and obliterate this pest from the Empire once and for all, but until that day comes he would enjoy the show::