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Falling Into Grace

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  • Falling Into Grace

    The young and irritated Sith entered the council room after pushing the doors open via the force. After the heavy doors had stopped their movement Slayn stepped out into the hall. The large seats of the Empire Council were now in his view. He had once hoped of one day sitting along side those whom he held in high regard, but that had all changed. His eyes fell across each of the chairs never staying on any particular one. His voice projected out and echoed in the hall. It was deep and sweet but rattled with malice.

    "I come before you today to announce my departure. This place can offer me nothing. I must compleat my training. For that I must find my Master, and my Father as well."

    With this said Slayn turns his body and walked back from where he came. The large doors began to close as he passed through once outside the portal they slammed closed...

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    She shrugged, "At least he was to the point."