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    I walked in to the council chambers my robes flopping about at my ankels, my blond-white hair down at my shoulders, and i knelt before Lord Vega and spoke...

    My friend...i have come to search for your forgiveness...and for you to take me back as your apprentice..i made a terrible mistake in leaveing your hand and i would like to return once again as a child of your darkness and to serve the wim of yourself and this gret empire

    I looked up at Vega....

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    "I don't know if that was your biggest mistake. I can think of another mistake you made ..." Her tone was bitter and filled with contempt, "You ask for me to train you and I spent my time for your test. Now you crawl back asking for forgiveness ... explain yourself."


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      ::Chaos saw Sieken in the Council room. He also saw his master ******. That was not good at all. Chaos hoped that Dalethria would not go to harsh on him. then again, maybe Sieken deserved it. Chaos knew nothing of what happened. Better to wait and watch.::


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        Looking down at Sieken with a bitter stare, Vega frowned as Lordess Dalethria spoke. He rose one hand into the air, lifting the Warrior off of his feet into the air to hover mid-way between Dalethria and himself.

        "Answer the Lordess."


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          OOC: Sorry i made a mistake...please Dale lets coninue with my test...


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            OOC~ I'm in a hurry so ... Nope, we finish it here <img src= ALT=""> From what I know you want to go back to Vega and we shall RP it out in this thread. So, your turn to post <img src= ALT=":b">

            To clarify, I am not mad OOC, just playing IC


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              No Dale, i made a mistake, vega and i discussed it on AIM and we are better as friends rather than master and please..lets continue in the test thread...


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                OOC~ Okay, only if I get a cookie <img src= ALT=""> !


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                  **Passes his friend Dale the sacrid cookie tin**