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    --Gitane slumped against the cold floor of the Council Room, her face looking more like two dark, button eyes sewn into the placid head of a ragdoll. Above her stood a small, red headed boy of whom she called son. She'd only moments earlier sat beside him in his room, watching him show off. She groaned faintly, blood spilling over her lips, her mind longing for the sleep her heart was soon achieving.--

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    Darius waved Gitane's hand about agressively as he dropped her down onto the floor, looking up to the Council as he did so. He smiled, shrugging off the fact - for the moment - that he had a huge hole in his shoulder.

    "This needs to be disposed somewhere. It'll start smelling bad if we just leave it lying around."


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      :: Sitting in her council chair somewhat in disbelief, Dara looks at the scene unfolding before her and then turns to one of the guards stationed near her in the council room ::

      "Summon Lord Vega to the council room immediately. I want some answers.."


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        The guards reached Vega in Rama's Corner swiftly and escorted him with great haste to the Council room. It seemed a matter of great importance had arisen and his Master wished to see him.

        Pushing the Council room doors open, he strode into the room calmly, bumping into Darius. He looked down at his son, smiling for a moment. His smile drained after a second, as his eyes moved forward to see the body laying on the floor. He frowned deeply, stepping around his son to look down on his wife.

        "Which of the Jedi scum has done this?"

        He clenched his fists tightly, kneeling down by Gitane.

        "And why is she here and not in the medbay?"


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          --Gitane stared up silently at Vega, a broken smile creasing her stained lips. She shuddered as her vision blurred, the want for sleep increasing as her heart forced itself to beat. She let her eyes settle on the face of her beloved, her life drifting slowly away from her.

          Go to sleep... just fade away.

          But Vega. Your husband.

          You'll see him again. Just think of a place and let your body fade away to it.

          You have to stay here for him.

          You can't. It's over. Just fade...

          The only thing she heard were the soft voices in the back of her mind. A small tear ran over her cheek as she breathed out her husband's name, finally finding sleep.--


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            The essence of life slithered out of Gitane's body and whirled out into the air, difussing into nothingness as Vega watched. His eyes moved slowly from her body to Darius', and back. Leaning down close to her face, he tilted his head and shook her body gently with one hand.


            Nothing. No movement. No mental registration.




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              I looked on from the doorway, where i followed vega from my room as i saw two gaurds escort him from the Corner...

              The lifeless body of my best friend lay fallen in the floor her soon kneeling next to her not understanding perhaps what just happend...and then did not know what he was anymore..he hated my guts i was just a foolish human...Eve,Raine and now Vega...just the other night me and Gi were up talking about the goings on in the blood run from her lips...

              The next thing i knew i was on the floor, sick spurting from my mouth just outside the room...i had to get away....i staggerd down the corridor every so oftern spitting vomit from my mouth...


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                He walked into the Council Room slowly, looking around to see what the commotion was. His eyes then trailed around towards Lord Vega, then at the ground ... where he saw Gitane's limp body.

                "What ... how ... who did this ...?"


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                  Tempist had been in the halls wandering from boredom. He saw a bunch of people standing around somthing in the council room, and decided to check it out. When he arived, he realized he shouldn't have looked. He murmered a few words in an ainchent toung, one that no one else could understand, and turned away to offer his sorrow to Vega.


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                    {She had been wandering around and had found herself in the council room in time to see what just transpired. The first thing that came to her mind was to leave, get out, go home. If that was what was possible as a Sith, she wanted nothing to do with it. Then, her eyes locked on the young red haired boy. She felt a twinge of pain originating from her lower stomach and heard a soft, yet not understandable whisper in her mind. It was then she started to back towards the exit, occasionally looking down at the blood streak on the floor. Once the voice stopped, she turned and quickly left the council room.}


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                      "It wasn't a Jedi. The Jedi wouldn't be powerful enough."

                      Darius edged around his father slowly, leaning his head down over the large mans shoulder.

                      "I did it."

                      The look on Vega's face hardened and flared up with anger.

                      "Why are you angry? I was just doing what we do, father."


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                        " ... What's going on ?"

                        Eve had appeared from nowhere, behind everyone. She was obviously clueless, but had a bad feeling. She looked at her brother Phantom, then her blood brother Vega and then her nephew, but still couldn't understand.

                        "Well ?"


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                          ::Choas ran through The TSE Head Quaters. He felt something was wrong. He just had to find out. The feeling was bad. Chaos ran in as he heard the boy talk. He caught himself up and looked stuned.::

                          "The hell is he talking about."