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Roads: Sour Times

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  • Roads: Sour Times

    Jerred had come out of hyperspace above Munto Codru, settling into the silence of space as it drifted towards a designated landing zone. He attempted to establish communications with them prior to their flags going up. "This is Dark Falcon requesting permission to land on business." He waited their response, ready to send them a TriOptimum verification code."

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    A communications officer taped a finger or two on the desk before him, his fingers making a small click sound as he listened to the transmission from the ship. Stretching his back slightly he narrowed his eyes and remained silent, deciding to give any on the ship some time to wait.


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      The VSD Arcadia circled Montu Codru, waiting for Jerred's return. The black ship was menacing in its path, many had heard of the Vagrant Order's flagship. They always tried to flee. They thought we wanted to rob or kill them, which of course we did.

      Meanwhile Ryu Warusa, stood on the bridge. He was arguing with the droids about how high to orbit around the planet. "What are you talking about? Hover at 20,000 M." I said to the droid. "But sir, you want another 20,000 M?" The droid and the captain went on and on.