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The Return of Darkness.. (Dyne Darkforce)

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  • The Return of Darkness.. (Dyne Darkforce)

    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial sat quietly in her high back chair in the Council room as she waited for her apprentice. She had summoned him forth to put things as they once were. Dara's eyes remain fixed on the large ornately decorated doors as her thoughts wander to training sessions and spars of a time not so long ago ::

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    Dyne was awaiting a meesage from the Council in a designated room at the HQ. Thoughts were running rampant in his mind while looking outside from his seat. The test he was undergoing was postponed for the time being. What was to happen now to Dyne? Would there be another test or was there something else in store for him? He was one to think to himself very quietly, not letting others around him know what he was pondering on. Dyne was obviously waiting a call from the Council Room to come and see his Master and the rest of the Council.


    As he sat there a message came into his frame of thought via the Force. It was Dara calling for his presence in the Council Room. After her voice faded away, he lifted his head upwards to glance at the ceiling. Dyne got to his feet and headed for the door as it slid open from detecting his aura.

    "Seems like they have decided...."

    He made his way out, being accompanied by two escorts as they made their way down the hallway. The Council Room was not too far as he soon was at the large omnious doors. He put his hand on the datapad, letting it scan his palm. The system confirmed him as the doors began to open. The escorts stood outside as Dyne made his way in. He could see the Council sitting above the floor of the room. The doors closed behind the Sith Knight. The Council members surrounded him around as the members were present as well. He kneeled to the ground, lowering his head slightly.

    "You called for me master...?"


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      :: Dara nodded as Dyne entered and stepped to the front of the council room. She stood and addressed her apprentice so that all members could listen as well ::

      "My apprentice, since the departure of the one previously administering your test, I have taken it upon myself as your Master and a Council Member to test you personally at a later time. You were always a loyal and dedicated member of this organization and the circumstances surrounding your departure have been since resolved so that you may be that once again. It is at this time that I welcome you back to the Empire at your previous rank of Sith Knight."

      :: The Lordess smiled and motioned for him to rise ::


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        Dyne widened his eyes seeing that this was a bit unexpected but certainly a good thing for him. He rose to his feet slowly, bowing his head to her and the Council slowly. Dyne took the hood off his head when he came to his feet. The Knight began to speak, in a low toned and dark voice.

        "It is good to hear those words Master, and I thank you and the Council for letting me into the Empire's ranks again. I shall continue my service from where I had left. You shall not have to worry."

        He became silent, giving the chance for the other Council members in the room to speak to him. Dyne's eyes sparked slightly under the light as his pale white skin showed as well. It was time again for Dyne to pick up from where he left off. Though, there was still a test he had to finish later.


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          "It's good to have you back, Dyne." It was all she said for nothing else was necessary. The Sith Knight knew how the Lordess felt.


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            "Welcome back's good to have you in the fold once again."


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              "Welcome back, brother."


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                Dyne gives a bow to the council and Vega for the words they sent to him.


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                  *Raine remained in the shadows of the council room, watching and waiting for the verdict concerning Dyne. When it came an evil smile crept across the Sith Lord's face.*

                  "Welcome back, Dyne. The Empire grows stronger this day with your return."


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                    ' Good to have a strong part of the empire return Dyne...welcome back'


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                      "Welcome back to the true path. All who scatter or stray from the word return in due time. It is in their blood as it is yours. The natural order is now complete for you to finish your way in this mortal coil so that all who oppose us will learn their folly even as their blood stains the ground at our feet as we deliver them all."