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*The Return Of True Evil*

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  • *The Return Of True Evil*

    : : A Dark and Evil prescence is felt on the Sith homeworld, a precence which has long since been forgotten. The presence gets stronger as in nears the council room, but something seems different.

    The doors to the council room blow open, a cloaked figure enters, he removes his hood and stands before the council. It is Phantom the Sith Lord that had left The Sith Empire so long ago, he makes eye contact with each one of the council members. He speaks in a low voice ::

    I have returned and I wish to rejoin the Sith. I stand in judgment.

    : : He bows his head and waits ::

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    A Sith Knight walked into the council room when the cold and dark feeling had hit her. Her black Ebony cloak whipped around her ankels. She knew the person and was more then happy to see him home....

    A cold and chilling tone hit her voice.

    Greetings Lord Phantom.. Its an honor to once more see you here with the Empire.

    Athena nodded her head to the council members and slipped into the shadows.


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      Countless months and years had passed since the Lord of Darkness, Phantom, left the Empire. Now, the Sith had returned... Poreon had crossed paths many times with Phantom and had become pretty good friends. As a friend and a fellow Sith, Poreon watched Phantom return and with great interest, awaited the Council's decision.


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        :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial looks up from her council chair to look upon the Sith Lord. She nodded and spoke to her long lost comrade ::

        "Greetings, Darth Phantom. It has been a long time. Where did your journey take you so suddenly and how is it you chose today to seek to return to us?"


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          :: Turning his attention to Dara, he flashes her a quick smile along with a nod ::

          For that I appoligize. Since I left I have trained non stop, after I was defeated in combat I swore it would never happen again, thats why I had to leave. I have retuned because I feel that I am ready.

          :: Phantom turns slightly and smiles at his two friends ::


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            "Welcome back, Lord Phantom," Varlon said as he strode into the council room, sweat causing sand fresh from the deserts stick to his skin. "Much has changed since you left. But then again, much has not either. Again, welcome back, old friend."


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              * So, he can be beaten in battle. Heh. Snack thought to himself as he walked over to stand next to Poreon. He looked Phantom up and down and gave a sneer to his one time rival and one time friend; the man who was responsible for turning Snack to the Darkside.*

              Welcome back, Phantom.


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                *Sith Lord Raine stepped from the shadows and stood next to his brother, smirking at Varlon's words, so true were they.*

                "I have to agree, much has changed. However, the welcome back does not. It is good to see you again, Phantom."


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                  Vega watched the returned Sith Lord with a keen interest. He had much admired the man as a Disciple, and had continued to all through his progression of the Empire. It would certainly be interesting to see how things were with him back.

                  "Indeed, Welcome back."


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                    Crossing my arms has i stoped next to my friend Vega, I looked at the returning Sith Lord and gave a nod, i only just rememberd him as i was only a new recruit when he left the empire.

                    'Welcome back Sir' i said with a short smile


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                      Welcome back Phantom.


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                        :: Dara nods to Phantom ::

                        "I also welcome you back to the Empire, Phantom and have no problem with you returning at your Sith Lord status."


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                          Dark green eyes shined out from underneath his hood at the re emergence of the Sith Lord known as Phantom. It had been some time since he had last stepped foot into these halls so long ago, it almost seemed like an eternity now, an past long since gone and buried in the midst of time.

                          In time all did return to their roots, to the place that many would call "home" in their dark lives where they studied the Sith ways so they could one day better take their place in the galaxy and "enlighten" those who did not know the word or failed to grasp its meaning. They would all come to know the word, the ways of the Sith.

                          A mere nod was all the Sith Master gave to Phantom to indicate the winged ones acceptance at his return.


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                            Jade steps from the shadows, not sure if she should be here right now. She nods to her former Master in greeting.

                            "Greetings, Darth Phantom. Good to see u again and well"


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                              Dyne stood towards the back of the Council Room, his usual spot. He was glad to have Phantom back in TSE and knew he would speak to him later. Right now, he simply stood in the dark, watching the events.