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  • Lamentations

    She looked at the barren room in which her and Ogre had shared not that long ago. Her husband had taken his leave not all that long ago and was with her on Meras ... but she longed to be at his side once again. How she longed to be with her family but they were gone ...

    Dalethria walked down the long corridor, ignoring the salutes from the Empire guards. She had enough of loneliness and feeling like she was getting in the way around here ... for that is how she felt. True, her Apprentices gave her much comfort in that matter without realizing it. They meant a great deal to Dalethria ever since she was honored in being one of the first Knights of the Empire.

    With what happened in the Council Room between Jedah and her Apprentice, Taja ... that would not do and was another reason she was leaving. No one dares to lay a hand on any of her Apprentice's while they walked TSE in peace. Dalethria understood the hatred between the Empire and the Hand ... that wasn't a problem. Settle that on the battlefield, not in the Council Room before her Master's eyes ...

    But, that was the past and now this is the future ...

    The hangar was quiet at this early morning hour. She walked up the ramp into her ship, The Koriolos, and settled into the pilot's chair. Some doubts ran through her head as her hand hovered over the communications control but she growled at her weakness and hit the button.

    A message was set to play four hours later that read

    Members of the Empire. I've had a long career at the Empire that held much glory and sadness for life has ups and downs. I am proud to have been a part of this organization and with my last moments of being your Council Member ... I wanted to wish you luck in the upcoming battle against the Galatic Empire. I know with our might and technology ... we shall prevail.

    Now, I shall not go into my reasons for leaving, just my heart longs to be with my family that had left. For anyone here that wishes to contact me, most know where to look or how to contact me on Meras.

    To my Apprentices ... You have done well under my wing and I am very proud of you. All of you have come far whether I have been your Master since the beginning or recently. As always ... if you wish for me to continue your training ... I shall. Seek me out at my home. If you choose not to, I understand. Your path is your own as is mine.

    Farewell and may Victory be ours,


    She confirmed that the message was sent and started the repulsorlifts. Already clearance had been granted and she looked at her cargo display. Everything had been packed and loaded onto the ship.

    So this was it. Never did she think this was going to happen again but the fates wanted it this way. She contemplated deeply on staying but her heart won out.

    Without looking back, The Koriolos left the Empire's homeworld and rocketed into hyperspace ...

    OOC~ It's been fun but people have to move on. Like I said IC, my Apprentice's can still train under me. I am not leaving the boards. You can let me know at my board Irentios or you can email me at [email protected]

    Take care y'all.

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    OOC/ didn't see that coming, but you are right, people do have to move on \IC

    DarkStar listened to the message as it played out, he thought his ears were desiving him for a moment, then the realisation that the impossible had happened sunk in for the anchient Sith. Another Sith had left the Empire, another council member was gone. He looked around at the others who had heard the message near him, their expressions the same. DarkStar lowered his head and whispered quietly.

    "Endure, in enduring grow strong...the empire will surive, no matter what,"


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      Dyne had recieved the message and was outside the HQ for TSE. He took the time to understand her decision and that she was leaving TSE. The Knight looked above into the night sky while a cool calm breeze was flowing by, making his hair flutter slightly. He was right on time as a slight spark occured in his eyes. A reflection from Dale's ship, as it jumped into hyperspace, made a small flash in his pupils. He just looked up into the star laced night sky for awhile before walking off to the HQ. Dyne simply spoke to himself, knowing that somehow through the Force, she would get the message.

      "Goodbye Dalethria."

      He was walking along the path himself, trees swaying in their usual pattern from the breeze. There was nothing else to say as those two words were enough. After the words released from his mouth and faded into the night air, he too disappeared into the darkness of the night.


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        :: Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial was in her council chair when the communications panel beeped indicating there was an incoming message. The holoimage of her blood sister Dalethria shimmered into view as the large oval holoprojector held the attention of all in the room. Dara's face was somber after listening to the announcement of Dale's departure from the Empire however in her dark heart, she was not surprised that Dale wanted to be with her family.

        Looking down at her palm where a faded and crooked scar marked the day they became <a href=>blood sisters</a>, memories flooded Dara's mind as her eyes were clouded briefly taking in the finality of the decision. Things would most likely stay the same between the two blood sisters, however nothing in the galaxy was certain any more. As Dara's vision became clear once again she took a deep breath and stood up from her chair to send a transmission to Dalethria, where ever she might be at this moment ::

        Greetings, my sister. My dark heart is heavy this day with your departure, however I respect your decision and understand your reasons perhaps more than you realize. I regret that we were able to speak in person before your departure, but I wanted to wish you a good journey in the dawn of a new chapter in your life. May your path lead you to that which you seek in the galaxy as the darkness continues to consume you. Farewell and may the Dark Side be with you.. always.

        :: Clearing her throat, Dara returned to her council chair and sat down slowly with her head bowed in reverence. After a few moments had passed, she looked up, smiled and nodded in reassurance to her fellow comrades of the Empire. For although it was too late to change the past, there was always time to shape the future... ::


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          I had already heard the message,and i also watched her baord her ship with all her belongings, i knew exsactly what was happaning, however i couldent bring myself to say goodbye, she knew in her heart she was without a doubt a damn good friend to me. Therefore i never had to utter a word.

          After watching her ship depart i sat on the roof of one of the towers of the HQ the slanted brown slate on top, and my feet supporting me as i rested them on the lip of the slate, and watched the flash of hyperspace boom from my sight...

          A side smile reached my lips as a gave a nod 'Il see you soon Dale...' i said...


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            *LV had received the message in her quarters. It made her heart weigh heavily with saddness, but she knew that Dalethria must move on to find herself in life. It happened to them all eventually.*

            *Sighing, she sat back in her seat and looked at the stopped message. Reaching forward, she played the message again. Yes, they were losing a valued member, but TSE would prevail. As it always did.*


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              Athena was within her quaters when a guard of the empire dropped by a message. She placed it with in its player and listened. She heard her sisters voice...

              Dale was gone.. And once more Athena was alone. Both her sisters Dale and Raz had been her and now both were gone. She had only her friends or well her masters apprentice's. And her own Apprentice's.

              What would she do now? She followed her sister Dale to TSE the first time. Now she was leaving... Athena let the message play and play it filled her ears and she was almost on the edge of crying.


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                :: One word from his Master’s message rang within his mind with a painful pang.


                It was as if he no longer knew the meaning of the word himself, though there was one with whom he had recently rekindled such a state of being with. Would that rekindling grow even further? Only time would tell.

                For the time being, he would respect his Master’s wishes and would not stray from her teachings, no matter where she traveled. For he had grown distant from this Empire himself for his own reasons, though his loyalty to those he had accepted as apprentices and their desire to be part of this organization was the only strand that still held him here as any type of member himself.

                He boarded his personal shuttle and departed the planet, bound for a location unknown to all but himself but soon to be known by the one that was already where he was going. He would keep his eyes and mind open and do what must be done for those he had promised to bestow his own perceptions of what it meant to be Sith, when they required him, he would be there. ::


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                  ::Chaos watched his master leave. He would not let her down.::

                  "I shall see you soon God-Mother."